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Posted by farid from ( on Tuesday, May 27, 2003 at 8:19PM :

Are you not proud of at this thingie...that we allow an Andreas free rein to do whatever it is he does...say what he wants...imply what he wishes to...confuse himself all over the place and generally welcome a guy who would delete himself from his own forum?

Ainīt that the better BetNahrain way? Should we really freak out...shut the blinds, climb on a chair and wave a broom at this mouse? Where does an Andreas matter for anything? What do you do with a guy who steals ideas...who labors like a lion to produce rabbit pukky...who hasnīt an original thought in his head...except in so far as he steals an OLD idea...Sumerian preferably...why, the consumate ass is even warm all over to see that Iīve bothered to recognize him so far as to refer to him...thatīs how pathetic he is...and typically German.

He has stupendous penus envy...I know because over the years he has accumulated enough of it to become the biggest prick I have ever seen...and I ainīt seen him or his prick...yet.

He hangs around trying to get a rise out of someone by flashing his "wits"...I donīt know about the rest of you but its almost painful to watch the guy perform...still, I say it is a far, far better thing we do to tolerate even this Putz, than to hang him.

He has two choices (and not because thatīs how high he counts) is to refuse to reply to such "nonsense"...the other is to flash more of his wit our way, thereby possibly causing us to get sick at the least. usual, he will do the stupider thing.

Dear Andreas...please donīt go away...please never have been a good test for a new tolerance among the new breed of people who call BetNahrain their spiritual home...cuss on, you unregenerate motherfucker.

-- farid
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