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Posted by farid from customer-148-233-71-55.uninet.net.mx ( on Wednesday, May 28, 2003 at 9:22AM :

This letter popped up in my yahoo mail...a certain relative of mine got to it first...I post it with its answer. As I said...I will no longer respond on the board...

“You” must be Celina – no one else spells as badly and spews such pabulum (look it up). My father owes “Lou” money? That’s a laugh. If you had any credibility you wouldn’t be breaking into other people’s email account and sending anonymous postings. For the record: if any harm comes to my father, stepmother, brothers or sisters, I’ll find you and feed you to whatever pets of yours are still alive. That’s an Assyrian promise; want collateral, read the Bible. We are vicious people when badly treated – for your own sake, don’t make me prove the point.

Jordan Parhad

That’s my name, coward, what’s yours?


I've hacked into Fred's personal email box to try to do some good. Excuse the crime.... Fred has kicked enough doors down and rammed enough fences and hung dead snakes from his nieghbors gates, not to mention his suburban incident. He owes "Lou" money and is about to lose his house here in Mexico because he owes 80K U.S. on it to Luis and Kit. The very people he is terrorizing. His 3 children though all of school age are not nor have they ever attended school while in Mexico. How many innocents will we allow him to harm. I know you have alot of love for the guy but he must know that there are consiquences to his actions or he may just slip up enough to really ruin his life and his kids. His lieing is cronic to the point that he is starting to believe it himself. Think about all this as we all can see he will only stop when he hits bottom. Do what you can so bottom isn't more sever than a dead horse and some head trauma. The man needs help. That's why I'm writting you. It just isn't Farid the "crazy" brother anymore. Help him! Sincerely, a voice of reason

***This is either Celina...or Leslie Harrow. For the record...Luis Guzman owes ME over $75 grand and hasn´t a pot to piss in to pay it with, it´s a civil matter working its way through the courts down here...I hung no snakes from anywhere. I kicked no doors in...the Mexican FBI did that....as they are the ones who shot dead "Lou´s" attack dog.

I don´t think I was hacked at all...I think I forgot to sign out of the yahoo account and these turkeys are dogging my steps.

Any elves out there know about hacking?

-- farid
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