So what: Assyr-Aramaic or Aramaic-Assyr ?

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Posted by Andreas from ( on Wednesday, May 28, 2003 at 2:59PM :

In Reply to: posted by Sadie from ? ( on Wednesday, May 28, 2003 at 11:53AM :

So what: Assyr-Aramaic or Aramaic-Assyr ?

What's the language really ?


See the pic above

That's basically a mini-hack I've done [I think it was for the good purpose of evidencing and (en)lightening].

Though the webmaster Aldawood has disabled/locked any pic downloading from his
ridiculous site, voilą - here is the evidence we need for our conversation.

Now on your message:

: Wow, just found this site by accident....

+++ In your case always an accident.

: WHY is there a U.S. flag on that introductory page? Hm?

+++ Be happy: So the low standard of that site goes under the US flag.

:If I was living in the Mid East or Europe or elsewhere & I visited that
page, it would make me feel a bit weird to see that flag (of all flags) on
that webpage,

+++ Weird?
I'd say unprofessional and arrogating.

: instead of something more global

+++ Global, you said?
Yeah! Oui! Si! Sim! Da! Ja! Ken! Evet! Na'am ! Aiwa! Jo! Igen! Ba'leh....

: or "Assyrian" in spirit.

+++ Gulp...

+++ But above all:
What now exactly?

Either "Assyrian-Aramaic" or "Aramaic-Assyrian"?

In the website logo (see above) the English text is contradicting the
"Assyrian" one:

1) In Engl:
"Assyrian Aramaic"

i.e. it's ARAMAIC of the Assyrian type (in English: The adjective "Assyrian"
qualifies the noun "ARAMAIC ")


2) In "Assyrian":
"(Lishana) aturaya aramaya"

i.e. its ASSYRIAN of the Aramaic type (in "Assyrian or whatever": The
adjective "Aramaic" qualifies the noun "ASSYRIAN ")

+++ So, what now exactly?

+++ Didn't notice?

+++ So much for the consistence/expertise of that website.

+++ Dear Sadie,

How long will "Assyrians" swallow such incompetence?

PS: Did the sharp Mr Aldawood a "language deal" to get sour-sweet-lookin Susan for at least one night?

+++ Such would be and IS the way history and "science" is being written and continued and petrified as a "fable convenue" or "story of 1000+1 (more or less eventless) nights" as long as there are enough idiots out there to not ask any questions, to not scrutinize and to not use their hearts and brains.

-- Andreas
-- signature .

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