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Posted by farid from ( on Thursday, May 29, 2003 at 9:34AM :

In Reply to: I couldn't find the article I was looking for posted by D from ( on Wednesday, May 28, 2003 at 11:05PM :

Itīs an Orwellian world allright...Israel is the terrorist state par excellance...their white Euro-trash leaders had excellent training...but for all of that they are Americaīs dog...the irony being that American Christians are still playing the "Jew Card" by allowing us all to imagine that a handfull of "all powerfull, all pervasive, underwear-eating, filthy rich, devious and clannish JEWS", are running the show...when just sixty years ago all their "power" and "wealth" and "devious Jew-like ways" didnīt spare them from being robbed blind...yet again...and roasted.

And of course there has been no administration in the history of the world that has been more of a TERROR than the most recent ones up to and including this one, that at least had to steal the Presidency. We weren{t THAT depraved that a majority of us actually wanted the fucker and his fuckers. A bird in the hand is NOT worth two in this Bush.

We are entering the "Martha Stewrat Era" ...where money, the thing that drives the American Engine, no longer has actual meaning but has become instead a substitute for the very thing these hollow people sacrifice in their own take the place of the Humanity they abandoned in their mad quest for this silly subsitiute for a real Life.

None of these people need another dime...any more than they need another million or billion. It is sheer madness fueled by and encouraged by the rest of us who are also infected with this disease...this sickness that says money can make you happy...or get you a lot closer than your own pissant abilities can, so, "just do it".

Americans will save America...there are no Terrorists but the ones we have created as weīve robbed, killed and blighted countless harmless people to fuel this "envious lifestayle" that has made us strangers to ourselves and our children.

note: Andreas...take your fleshy elephant and your sicko ways back to Hamburgerburg.

-- farid
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