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Posted by farid from ( on Friday, May 30, 2003 at 11:12AM : the San Miguel jail.

There´s a good chance yoors trooly will be picked up and jailed today. The latest is that there´s a petition being sent around to get me off the´s critical of the American Embassy in Mexico City, the Consular agent here and local and fedreal police...for as to how come and wherefore and why a dangerous scumbag like we all know I left free to wander the streets and frighten the womens and horses...the men have all left apparently.

This has gone beyond ridiculous...we crossed ludicrous three weeks ago and are rapidly entering Looney Tunesville. Three quarters of the foreign community here is three fourths nuts already on any given day...doesn´t take a whole lot to push them over the edge.

Jeez...what Aprim and BooHoo could tell them about how scary I am!

I have to appear today at five o´clock at the Ministerio´s offices are housed at the prison...saves time that answer more "charges" by Celina Reynolds that I re-stole the horses I stole before that belonged to me anyway and all along.

This is funny...the equivalent of the FBI here kicked down her door two weeks ago...shot their attack dog dead, ransacked the place looking for her husband Brentley Reynolds (I refuse to use the noble name of "Chance" to designate that skunk...John Wayne used it once)...and with Immigration, the FBI, the police and our own Marshalls looking for him...she waltzes into the police ministry and files another dumb charge against me...and I am "advised" to agree and give back the horses.

In their haste to go into hiding they left behind a mother cat and four kittens locked in a back bedroom...two rabbits left in cages with no food or water...and two dogs locked in a filthy shit and human shit all over the floor...for two weeks with a bag of food and some water.

Fortunately the Federal officers left the place just open enough for the kittens, the cat and the dogs to escape. The one dog, the kittens and the rabbits ran to our place for shelter.

They left three of my horses in a field up next to the abandoned house of the asshole I´m suing...telling the workers who are drilling a well for them to feed and water them. Last week we noticed the workers hadn´t shown up for three days at least...the water trough was empty...there was nothing for the horses to eat but we took them back to our place where they are doing quite nicely...Spud being reunited with his brother Pecos.

Within two days the Harrows paid Celina´s lawyer...these people have stolen or borrowed money all their file new charges against me...ones I have to answer to this afternoon.

The Consular Rep here knows the truth, a neighbor of theirs told him that Reynolds himself had addmitted to her that I bought the horses and everything else...the people helping them know the truth but have lied about it to the authorities...and I...well, I´ve decided I´m not going to play this game any longer.

I will not return my horses to the mismanagement of these crooks and their lying theiving friends...if you jail me you can order me around but I´ll be goddmaned if I´m going to freely submit to any of this another day. They can crash through our gate and steal them back...the authorities I mean...but I´m not giving them back.

The Consular Rep says it´s against the rules for him to get involved...the Marshalls have their own rules...and I respect everyone playing by the rules.

But there are rules that govern the behavior of civilians in these matters too...rules developed as a result of hard won and bitter experience at the hands of authorities who often forget that we are all in this thing together...officials who certainly forget who pays their salaries. This should be a partnership...a team effort. We can´t just pay someone a salaray and expect him or her to never expect our help again.

So many cases have been helped along at crucial points, if not solved, as a result of some civilian placing her or himself and their families in harms way to do their duty.

The basic rule for civillians in these cases is, "Do Not Get Involved". I broke that rule and several others...and so I must be the one to pay the price. Everyone else is either wearing bullet proof vests, carries a gun, has body guards or lives in gated communities...or keeps their children far from the places where they do this sort of business...because it is dangerous. We are on a hillside, alone, five miles out of town.

I had no thought or hope of regaining any of the $25,000 I gave Reynolds and his family...putting food on their table, clothes on their daughters, giving money to one so she could go to Europe, buying another one a guitar and paying her way to visit her sisters at Christmas time.

Neither was revenge my motive...I was content to let the poor slobs rob me in order to provide something for their children. I never asked for or expected a reward...though some assistance with my legal bills, which have increased exponentially from the day I was asked to make no move against Reynolds so as not to scare him away...which only made them bolder...would be nice. Still, knowing what these people are capabale of...especially now when I see what should be sane and mature people getting cvaught up in their lies to a point getting dangerously close to mass hysteria...I felt and I feel it was my duty, to myself, my family, my country and my host country of Mexico, to step forward...and I would do it again.

We lived in the Napa Valley for ten years, the heart of California´s wine industry where we saw first hand the thousands of Mexican workers who come to live the American sweat and break their backs for little be treated like inferior humans by the whites who could in no way support their, "envious lifestyle" without the blood, sweat and fears of countless people of hard working, decent, kind and gentle a People as you could ever hope to see...who can be deported in a second if they step out of line but a country that pretends to be shaking in its boots from fear of terrorists when its leaders, it´s unélected leaders, are shaking with glee behind closed doors.

From America to Mexico...where this common criminal and his awful brood are allowed every courtesy...all their rights protected...even to allowing his wife to make patendly false claims and return again and again to press charges against me, while their idiot gang accost my children...while one of them threatened to have my daughter raped...where my children are confronted by parents in school...where people tell my wife to her face and in public within the hearing of strangers, that she doesn´t realize the danger she is in, that she too will be a victim...that I will kill her and our children one day soon...and on and on. And all of this while my own government knows the truth of the matter...but says it can do little to nothing to help me...or as I was told to my face..."you are on your own".

This is short-sighted to say the least. The Washington sniper was brought to ground when civilians stepped forward. Reynolds is no where near as dangerous yet...only to me and my family.

I would still do it police force in the world can protect civilians who refuse to step forward. Say I did it for my own sake...for the sake of those I love...and for the same reason, I will not play any longer...I will not return the horses...I will go to jail.

Put me there...and leave Reynolds out here free...maybe it´s what these people deserve. Let America expel Mexicans for farting...let Mexico become a haven for this kind of American White Trash...maybe everyone is getting what eash deserves...the guys in jail can´t be any worse than the ones out here.

But just for my family´s sake...would some of you contact Anna Eshoo...she was a pal from way back...and she knows me and even liked me once. And you can all tell Jackie to get fucked...tell her I´ll get to that trial somehow.

This is the petition being circulated in town...sent to me by a local man, not afraid to give his who reads the forum and enjoys it too...especially our darlin Sadie.


>From: Emily Dickinson <>
>To: "sma" <>
>Subject: This is the Petition
>Date: 30 May 2003 01:29:31 -0700
>MIME-Version: 1.0
>Received: from ([])

>Precedence: list
>X-Coollist-User: helpyourneighbors@yahoo.

>I am putting this petition on the coollist, as we've learned that the
>matter is already being discussed here, and it should be made clear that
>its sole purpose is to get these two families home safely and that it is
>only one of several avenues that are being actively pursued at this time.
>As per the request of the individuals involved, we are not mentioning their
>names in this petition. If someone is sincerely interested in further
>information, you can reply to me, Emily, through the list or you can
>contact Licensiado, Edgar Vazquez who is empowered to represent the
>This petition is to express our grave concern for the safety of several
>long-time residents of San Miguel, who are property owners near Taboada,
>and for the lack of help received from the Police, the Ministerio Público
>and our American Consular Agent. As we understand the facts, several adults
>and children, have been and continue to be physically threatened by a man
>who lives near them. Since the end of March, noted acts of violence have
>escalated and caused these families to flee their homes out of fear. The
>assaults include destruction of property, direct verbal and physical
>threats with a pointed gun and an axe, attempted vehicular murder, and the
>killing of family pets and livestock.
>The Police have been called out on several occasions, and seven denuncias
>(charges) have been filed against the man at the Ministerio Público by both
>American and Mexican citizens. The American Consular Agent has been
>approached for help on numerous occasions. These families have been told
>repeatedly that there is nothing the Consulate or the local Police can do.
>In this past week, growing numbers of the foreign community, along with
>concerned Mexican businessmen, have held several meetings to try to
>understand why this man is still roaming free around the town of San
>Miguel. We cannot understand why the authorities are not taking action in
>this case. Why hasn't this individual been arrested? Where is a member of
>the foreign community to go when they need help? We would like answers to
>these questions.
>Copies of this petition will be sent to the American Consular Agent in San
>Miguel de Allende, the American Embassy in Mexico City, and the State
>Department in Washington, D.C.
>We the undersigned, vitally concerned for our safety and well-being, ask
>for a prompt investigation of the above situation, as well as immediate
>action to guarantee the safety of the above mentioned complainants and
>other American and Mexican citizens residing in San Miguel de Allende,
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-- farid
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