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Posted by D from ( on Saturday, May 31, 2003 at 2:07AM :

In Reply to: for D - this is someone I told you about posted by Sadie from D007145.N1.Vanderbilt.Edu ( on Saturday, May 31, 2003 at 0:38AM :

Thank you Sadie, I find this article very interesting, specifically where I read about the rat experiments. I just got in, so I have not been able to read it fully, but I will for sure, by tomorrow hopefully.

About that rat experiment, I figured, before I got to the end, that it was indeed something like hearing the floor and so on. That is because the mass of cheese weighs differently on area it covers, and there is a difference in pressure across the floor, which to us we may only be able to "feel" it, but to rats, they can also hear it because of super sensitive hearing(and I mean they actually hear themselves running on the floor, and as they approach the area where there is higher pressure, the sound reverberating from the floor changes slightly.)Anyhow, that is my interpretation, I could be wrong. That is interesting though, and I look forward to finishing reading it. Is this the same article you sent me in an email? I have not looked at that one yet, although it is by the same author, I know that. Hmm...thanks for the article, have a good one.

-- D
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