Thanks for confirming my sharp diagnosis

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Posted by Andreas from ( on Saturday, May 31, 2003 at 1:51PM :

In Reply to: STOP!!!...fucking yourself posted by Farid Parhad from ( on Saturday, May 31, 2003 at 12:44PM :

: I know over the years I´ve told you to go fuck yourself but I think you´ve gone and done it too many times.

+++ Thanks for confirming my sharp diagnosis.

+++ For a guy not knowing what "psychological projection" means you're doing the job extraordinarily well:
Naturally gifted, I suppose.

: You bring out the pun in me...

+++ I wish I ever could:
But I am only unearthing the massive lack of any wit and mental flexibility in you.

+++ Maybe sometimes I succeed in stirring up a bit of the cocaine-saturated brain sewage of yours.

+++ In fact I am very disappointed:
You're the least witty and the least punny type I've hunted down so far.
You don't even sense that you've already winded up only regurgitating & recycling your old senseless crap for years.

+++ That's the typical "state of mind" of any hallucinating pseudo-"Assyrian":
Going endlessly in cycles of degeneration: down and down and ....

+++ A really witty guy would have been quick to play some intellingent pun on the baits I've thrown (like "hallucinating").

+++ And that would have been fun then.

+++ But your sterile little stenciled soul can not scramble enough phantasy to relate IN REAL TIME to any fresh quick moves with a lightening squib.

+++ Thus you are damned to dodge them & drown on your totally unrelated CANNED platitudes, shelf life expired inclusively.
But I see, you need that psychological crutch manufactured from gang language to reach some resemblance of identity & assertiveness.

+++ You Assyrianism hokuspokus (or voodoo) is not real help:
It's only enhancing the vacuum within you: It sucks up any remnants of your real personality and brains.

+++ If it helps, you can use the above intelligence patterns to pep up your poor little standing in future debates also with others.

+++ Given your mental delays I couldn't run the risk of sinking you with only a few syllables:
Therefore I had to roll it out a bit or two...

+++ BTW: No copyright fees needed, I am not intent of ruining a Hollywood pseudo-"Assyrian" sooo quickly.

-- Andreas
-- signature .

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