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Posted by Farid Parhad from ( on Saturday, May 31, 2003 at 3:01PM :

...but I received a copy of an email sent by someone down here about the petition that´s being circulated, asking the rhetorical question..."how can one sign a petition either for or against, when one knows next to nothing of the facts or the names of any of the participants and targets?

It´s really very simple to be wise. It´s being stupid that takes a whole lot of effort. Ask the Hole In The Head Gang...they´re the ones that got themselves chased off their their own stupidity...and now they can´t come back...not as long as they maintain the fiction that I am a terrible threat to them...and since we aren´t going anywhere...neither are they.

They´re in town, sleeping on the floors of friends who must be growing ly increasingly put out...they lost the use of two their last remaining car dented...the one that echoes..."ohshitohshitohshitohshit" whenever it sees the Bourbon. Just like Chump Reynolds...they´ve forced themselves to live their lies...while me...I´m living in peace and quiet with most of my stuff returned to me.

I´m living MY truth...I was no threat to any of these people..never did anything but good to Chump and his family from hell...never did a damn thing to their landlords, Robert Kaplan and Leslie Harrow...or to the other couple Guzman and Kit Carson...except I´m suing the last couple cause they won´t pay back the money they owe stated clearly under Mexican Law...which they and their lawyer know damn well...which is the reason they´ve taken extracurricular avenues to get out of it.

They think and are spreading the word all over town, that the police, the DA, the Consul, the Embassy in Mexico City, the United States Department of State, the local federales, the local FBI equivalent, the AFI...and Mother Hubbard´s dog are ALL chasing after the wrong man! Not a one of them stops to ask the obvious..."could REYNOLDS be the "wrong man"? Because they are so heavily invested in the lies spread by Reynolds and Celina that they HAVE to carry through to the bitter end...and it will be bitter indeed.

Reynolds and his wife having nothing to lose...they HAVE nothing. They are willing to play this game out to the end because they think it just MIGHT ultimately work out...stranger things can happen...hell they´ve been happening ALL OVER the why not a happy solution for them?

But, these other couples HAVE something to both cases they have about all they own, to lose. And still and maybe because of that...they are electing to go down in flames with the Reynoldses...when they could have made other, saner, choices...oh well.

-- Farid Parhad
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