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Posted by farid from ( on Saturday, May 31, 2003 at 9:03PM :

We´re going to repost the stuff about Chump Reynolds...I agreed to lay off when asked in hopes it would encourage them to come back out there. It doesn´t look like any of them want to come back...just as well.

I remember the last time I went down to talk to Chump about the title to the horses and stuff...and how come he was always making manly cowboy-type excuses about why the papers weren´t ready yet. This time, as we sat in his yard, which wasn´t his, on chairs at a table that I paid for...he said if I really wanted ownership of the horses there were, "some serious management charges involved".

How do you like the putz...I mean what kind of man steals a family dog?

So I said, "what management charges...I paid for the horses and don´t expect a dime back for a long time if care for the horses and feed them and keep all the gonna go back to the bank you borrowed from to start your business and tell them they owe you more money cause there are ´management charges´when you run a business?

It was around then he said..."why don´t we just get up and fight over it, big fella?"

So I says..."what´s that going to prove about the horses"?

And Chump says, "I´ll knock you on your ass".

And I says, "so think I´m gonna stay down there"? I´ll get back up...then what"?

See...when I came to America the second time from the MidEast I could never understand the way American teenagers would fight after school...a punch here, a punch there and they´d shake hands and feel all manly like.

Where we came from you didn´t ever fight unless it meant your life...who looked at Susie Cream Cheese first hardly was worth a chipped tooth even.

Since Chump got his ideas of being a man from TV and the movies...he figures you have a fist fight...spit up some blood and that settles it. Not this fella...not this one. You pick a silly ass fight with me you better be ready to kill me too...there´s no way I´m going to take a "beating" and go home. I´ll do everything I can to avoid a should too.

So that day, realizing his snake of a wife was behind me in the house with another friend of theirs...and no matter what I did, the fight would be made out to be my fault...I calmed him down, even shook his hand and left. He knew damn well I wasn´t going to fight under those conditions...if he´d really wanted to he just would have started to need to be polite and extend the invitation.

Guess I wuz sposed to be scairt. There´s no reason in the world to live scairt. What are you gonna extra week?

-- farid
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