Petition To Have Li´l Ole Me Arrested

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Posted by farid from ( on Saturday, May 31, 2003 at 9:29PM :

I´ve been to the main town square, the jardin, in front of the beautiful church in the center of town, where people are supposed to be getting signatures on their petition.

Those of you who know me and love me, or not, from past bouts with Mr. and Mrs. "My Thighs Are Sealed" I make enemies easily...Andreas is just a shnauzer dog...doesn´t count in any category. Any way, they have a web page that has a message board for this entire town...the same town that has valet parking...not for any business, but for the ENTIRE town. So a few people are discussing this thing....all about the recent crime wave to his this you´da had to have been there but it was funny...the Ministerio Publico is moving to a new building soon. They´re grown ever so cramped and busy. Right now all the lawyers and their staff are housed in one fair sized room with private offices that the various officials have to share among each other. On a crowded day the toilets are rich to they are located in the same damn room with the rest of us, it makes for quite a day.

Each type of complaint is handled at the appropriate "desk"...that is, auto accidents go to say desk number one...while assaults go to number three and murder might be next to the toilet.

The first day I had to appear I had to go to THREE desks. That must have been a record or something. Before the people there knew the whole story, they looked at me kinda what was my problem...not enough breast milk?

Now we all nod and smile...even laugh...when the others aren´t up there with long looks on their faces, trying to look oh so sincere and woebegone as they accuse me of yet another horrible crime against nature.

So anyway...I don´t know how the petition is doing...I went to the jardin today in hopes of adding my name but couldn´t find any irrate customers. Just thought I´d share some of the chatter on this web page down here...maybe you can get the Ghassbag to write to them as well...or the Jackster even.

To: "sma" <>

Signing a petition against dropping bombs on weddings I could probably
go with, altho I've had no direct experience with being part of a
bombed wedding party.They did it again! two days ago!

But signing a petition that has to do with warring former friends and
neighbors, no.
I wouldn't like to be on the jury in this Taboada case altho my
sympathies are with Fred.... for unscientific reasons. See Liz's
excerpt from Feynman. Fred sounds like a re-incarnation of Cellini.
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From: David Bossman <>
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Sent: Saturday, May 31, 2003 1:58 AM
Subject: Provocative Question # 2

I am curious:

Would you sign a petition for/ against someone-- when you know
nothing directly about the facts or the people involved?


and another....

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Date: Sat, 31 May 2003 11:33:42 -0400
From: "gatelli" <>
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I have now seen and read the petition to which I referred in my coollist
post of 29 May. It does not appear to be anti-Phil Maher (US Consular Agent here) and I do not
personally know of any activities of the person named therein.
I hereby retract any and all statements I made in that certain post to <> dated Thursday 29 May at
19:02:22 CDT.
Liz Gatelli <>

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***Though it would be flattering indeed to be compared to one of my pals, Ben Cellini...for the sake of Andreass´lack of mind I must protest. I´ve looked in the mirror...and at my own work...I am no Cellini.

-- farid
-- signature .

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