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Posted by farid from ( on Saturday, May 31, 2003 at 9:49PM :

In Reply to: Articles about John Brentley Reynolds posted by Newspaper Articles from ( on Saturday, May 31, 2003 at 9:29PM :

You have to realize I knew these people for two years...ate with them, celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas with them, travelled with Chump down to Chiapas to get the horses they stole from Guatemala, he stayed in a motel in Oaxaca...hell two of my children even stayed with them while I was in the States battling that other bitch from hell, Jackie Bejan...but thatīs another story. So...I KNOW these people.

What became all too clear just recently was that Chump was never interested in raising any kind of beef...just slinging the bullshit that came with the story. One of the Marshalls told me that his thing was to stick a banker in his truck and drive them all over hell till the guy was lost...then drive by the nearest ranch with a herd of cattle and say, "here we are...thatīs one of my herds". Low tech all the way but you ever known a smart banker?

The cattle business was the scam, the lure, the trap. Heīd talk it up big and his wife would flap her boobies and before the guy knew it he was signing her ass, right there.

Same with the horsebackriding business that isnīt...though you can still see their add for, "Sleeping Dog Ranch" in the local paper...I told the Marshalls the simplest damn way to get the fool would be to call and book a ride, preferably with a thick moneyed Texas accent...the idiot would be right there grinning, his hoss all saddled and ready to go to prison.

The Horseback Bullshit was yet another lure and it worked a bit, before I wrecked that for them as well. Theyīd been stroking an almost retired Texas lawyer for weeks...we used to see him at their house...could almost hear Chump spin his tall tales...cooing in the guys ear. But he was no fool...I stopped him one day as he drove back up our road after a visit...he kept a horse with Chump...they used the horse for their business that wasnīt and he liked riding with Chump...when he isnīt falling off of horses heīs pretty he almost made the Marlboro add cutoff.

The lawyer stopped...I could see them all straining their necks to see what was going on...and I told him the simple unvarnished truth...Chump is a crook, a four flusher a con man and escaped prisoner etc. I donīt know why, but he believed me...came back a week later to take his horse away and he warned off another Texas couple Chump had been grooming for the fleece. I learned later that they did manage to get several thousand out of the lawyer...and you should read the letter Chump wrote him...all about how the government did bad things to the poor little tyke and how he was a proud and successful businessman whoīd fallen on hard times etc.

You have to remember also that as the articles state, Chump lived the good life...making his neighbor ranchers feel he had some poweful insight or secret to success...he did...he was living off of the money he defrauded the banks of, the money of people living around him, like his guaranteed by the government itīs true...but guess who that finally means...yeah...YOU.

He never had any intention of growing any kind of beef no way no how. The entire thing was a his cowboy heroic front. donīt suppose heīs gonna get real mad at me and come a lookin fer me? Iīm gonna be all alone out there soon...the wimmins and chillin are a goin away, back to the upper fifty...itīs just be me...several horses, some dogs and cats...all alone...and waiting.

Come and get some more of what I owe you...Chump.

-- farid
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