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Posted by farid...The Iraqi Kid from ( on Sunday, June 01, 2003 at 1:30PM :

Someone said I owed Chump money. I think they swallowed the argument that the horses I bought are worth a lot more now that Chump has "trained" them. I buy you a washing encrust it with diamonds, then tell me itīs worth a lot more now than when I paid for it. I donīt want your diamonds...I donīt even want the washing machine...just pay me back what the original machine cost and keep yer friggin stones.

And another thing...these turkeys make a big deal out of promoting themselves. Celinaīs mother, as close to a Madam as youīd want a woman to look, is suppsoed to be an archeologist...when she canīt speak or write either. Celinaīs brother is twelve times international kick-boxing champion...right. Celina is a championship runner and on and on.

Chump is supposed to be the best horse shoer this side of the Pecos, or some such shit...thatīs on top of being a Vet, which he ainīt...a cattleman, which he also ainīt...a cowboy...which is just more bullshit.

I couldnīt help but notice that they never managed to shoe one horse all the way around. Theyīd shoe the front...or one back leg. By the time I took back the horses their hooves were in awful shape, yet they kept using them for their business.

I went to fancy ranch near here and got the name of a local farrier. The guy himself has his man come from Mexdico City...these arenīt show horses...just basic Mexican plugs. The local guy came out and did a beutiful job. He even chased Spud around and around the two acre pasture before lasooing the damfool, after which he roped him to a tree and did the job...beautiful work too.

That was the same day Chump rode up our fence line...looked long and hard at the new shoes on my horses...broke the tops off of two fence posts...cowboys do that kind of stuff...rode up and stared real hard into our front window...I was in town...and rode off.

-- farid...The Iraqi Kid
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