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Posted by farid from ( on Sunday, June 01, 2003 at 3:40PM :

A few years back, before we got our own forum thingie...I was being chased from pillar to post at every single Assrin forum we have, just trying to introduce some new points of view.

Finally we got our own thingie and vowed never to delete or ban anyone. It would be oh so easy to delete Andreas...or ban him outright...or better yet, reach into his posts and "fix" them, the way the Ghassbag does.

Do you people realize what an asset Andreas is? I mean we all know he´s an asshole...but you couldn´t PAY someone to sit around and make us shine the way he does.

I was banned from bethsuryoyo for arguing with Hanna Hajjar that the center of the Assyrian Empire was not down the street from where he was born, in Syria or Turkey...I tried to explain that "between the rivers" means between the Tigris and Euphrates...and that while there were several rivers in the British Empire, as there were in the Assyrian one...the central river or rivers for the British Empire was the Thames...and for the Assyrians it was the Tigris and Euphrates.

That got me banned, deleted and fan todded.

If you say, ever so mildly, that Peter BooHoo might be mistaken when he says he is Ashurbanipal´s direct descendant and that the great Islamic Empire never are gone in a flash.

But here on our thingie...arguably the most open, free and modern Assyrian forum EVER...Andreas and anyone else is free to say nothing over and over...or say something to slam me personally...make fun of me and anyone else in any way he fact, the only criticism we´ve ever levelled at him is that there isn´t ENOUGH substance in his own postings.

I want you all to acknowledge the debt we owe to Andreas. He makes us better than we ever could have been without him...


-- farid
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