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Posted by Sadie from ? ( on Monday, June 02, 2003 at 10:49AM :

In Reply to: Freddy, don't despair: Jesus to yer rescue ! posted by Andreas from dtm2-t8-2.mcbone.net ( on Monday, June 02, 2003 at 10:26AM :

But seriously, Andreas, what do you know about Fred's situation? It just makes you look like an ass when you make statements that have no basis in reality, what-so-ever. I like you when you're NOT being an ass, & I think a lot of people would like you more, as well, if you stopped being an ass. Perhaps your Aikido fighting spirit comes out a bit much on the forum? It's easy to carry aspects of one's life over from one endeavour to another.... What's hard is exercising restraint when certain aspects of oneself that one involves in one endeavour don't fit the other endeavour. Make sense? For instance, I can play my radio loudly at home & dance around like a banshee with no clothing late at night, BUT I can't do that when I'm at work. This is one instance where things that I like to do in one setting are inappropriate to carry out in another setting.

What is the essence of Aikido? To exercise self-defense or to antagonize? On the forum, I think you are antagonizing some people, so it makes it hard for those people to listen to you? Now, if you only exercised self-defense, then I think people would be more prone to listen to your message.

-- Sadie
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