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Posted by Alexander from ( on Monday, June 02, 2003 at 5:38PM :

Democracy is what? The rule of many? Whatever the definition is, it is bulshit.

Democracy doesn't exist, and never can. People are idiots, and need moderators, whereever it may be. Just as one king can be bad, so can 30,000 other people running a government, AND it would be inefficient as well. So is there a "True" form of governemnt?
Hmmm..I believe a true form of government would consist of a limited monarchy or a head council, that is balanced and checked by a hind council, or lower council. Two to three people should comprise the head council, and 30 or 40 should comprise the lower council.

If farmers were to let their crops frow freely, they would reep less harvest. Yet, with simple maintainence, much more corn can be had.

If a rebellion takes place, then what is better? To crush it unconditionally? or to allow it to continue recklessly?
...Or is there another way?
Perhaps it is best to isolate such a rebellion, or perhaps to make conditions with the members of the rebellion.

These are just examples of ways that can be used to deal with situations, no particular way is the "solution" but eventually there must be some sort of control.

-- Alexander
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