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Posted by Alexander from ( on Monday, June 02, 2003 at 9:28PM :

What is this "freedom" that people speak of?

Freedom does not exist, there is never a free moment in our lives, whether we are working to support ourselves or our family by tilling the fields or cleaning up in the house. Freedom is an illusion that is thrown about in people's faces, people like the american-flag wavers in the zionist nation the US, people who drive SUVs because it is their freedom to do as they please, and in turn fuel the greed that powers most of the US governmental policies, if not directly, than indirectly.
Is this freedom supposed to be pleasant? Is this freedom supposed to be enjoyed by people, because it is a most peculiar freedom, that which is seemingly enjoyed but never had in actuality. What freedom is there in anyone's life? Is freedom to vote the equivalent of freedom? Is a free-willing democracy freedom's equivalent? I don't believe so.
In China people are not as afraid of crime as they are in the US, the most "freed" country of them all. In Russia, after the people got their "freedom" the crime rate went up and many social services became non-existent. When the Persians were making way to attack Hellas, the king was supposed to have inquired into what this "freedom" the Hellenes claimed they had was, which he believed to be foolish, since the Persians did not make war on themselves constantly, and the Hellenes were ever at war with one or another of their own in tribal or city-city warfare. So what is "freedom," really?

Is freedom supposed to be a good feeling? Even if under controlled circumstances times might be better? Then perhaps I want to live in an unfree world.

-- Alexander
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