Bush-Cheney Junta tried to fool all Americans

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Posted by Andreas from dtm2-t9-1.mcbone.net ( on Tuesday, June 03, 2003 at 4:50AM :


The U.S. Government Lied To You.



It cannot be denied any more, the government [Bush-Cheney Junta] lied
to you to start a war of conquest. There were no weapons of mass
destruction in Iraq. George W. Bush, [Donald H. Rumsfeld] and Colin
L. Powell, etc., knew there were no weapons of mass destruction in
Iraq. Powell knew he was lying to the United Nations. Tony Blair has
been outed for ordering re-writes of the Dossier to help Bush with
the lie. All those who questioned the lie were right to do so.
Chretien was right. Schroeder was right. Chirac was right. Blix was
right. Michael Douglas was right. Michael Moore was right. Tim
Robbins was right. Susan Sarandon was right. Sean Penn was right. Bob
Graham was right. Cynthia McKinney was right. Jeff Rense was right.
Daniel Hopsicker was right. Justin Raymondo was right. I was right
and the millions of activists that marched in the streets around the
world were right. There was valid reason to doubt.

Those who believed the lie and promoted it, they were all wrong to
the point of complicity. Blair was wrong. Rush Limbaugh was wrong.
Jim Robinson was wrong. O'Reilly (who recently stated that anyone who
did not agree with him was an idiot) was wrong (and an idiot). Clear
Channel was wrong. ABC was wrong. NBC was wrong. CBS was wrong. Fox
News was wrong. CNN was wrong. The dozen pro-war activists who made
certain they stood between the press cameras and the anti-war
activists were wrong. The local news-bitch who marched right past an
anti-war demonstration to report on one of Clear Channel's staged pro-
war events was wrong. And all of those who reviled, smeared and
attacked those who have proven hindsight to be right, were wrong.

If you believed the lie about the weapons of mass destruction, then
congratulations, you have been made a total fool before the eyes of
the rest of the world. Forget "Polock" jokes, the new fashion rage
will be "dumb American" jokes. Like the dumb Americans who actually
did tape up their houses with sheet plastic and duct tape and nearly
suffocated to death. Or the dumb Americans who actually believed Iraq
still had a credible military after a decade of crippling sanctions.

Those who were wrong will never admit it, of course. They will scream
that those who saw through the lie are just being un-American or
unpatriotic. But it is not an act of patriotism to believe the
government when it lies to you, it is the act of a fool and a coward,
because the government does not have a legal or moral right to lie to
the people. Check out the U.S. Constitution. Nowhere in there is the
government explicitly granted the authority to lie to the people who
pay the costs for all that the government does, good or bad. When a
government lies to the people, it acts unconstitutionally and
illegally and is no longer the lawful government. It therefore cannot
be an act of patriotism to believe the government when it lies. It is
the act of a traitor to support the lies of an unlawful government.

The lie about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction changes the rules.
The government has lost the benefit of the doubt (for most of us with
functioning brains, this actually happened a long time ago). The
government can no longer present claims and then act as if it is
assumed true. The government cannot place the burden of proof on
those who claim that the government lies, because the government now
is the proven liar. From this point on, it is the duty of real
Americans to place the burden of proof back on the government. PROVE
that Iraq (or Iran or Syria or whoever else is on Israel's target
list) has weapons of mass destruction before spending our money and
our children's lives on a war.

The lie about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction should change how we
view history. The official story of anything can no longer assumed to
be true, given that the government is a proven liar. Did Vince Foster
really commit suicide? PROVE IT. Were Arab-Muslims behind the attacks
of 9-11? PROVE IT. Was the 16th Amendment properly ratified? PROVE
IT. Are our elections fair? PROVE IT. All those questions and more
must be re-examined, because the word of the U.S. Government is now
totally worthless, falling in value faster than the dollar.

Because only a real idiot would assume that this one lie was the only
time the government has lied to the people. With this lie exposed,
the safe assumption is that the government has been lying all along,
about everything.

The real question now is what to do about the lie. I am sure that any
parent will tell you that if you catch your child lying and do not
punish them, they will simply lie and lie again. The same holds true
for the government. The government lies because they know they can
get away with it. And this will not change until the people of this
nation make the cost of a lie outweigh its advantages. And that means
that real Americans, by which I mean thinking citizens and not those
useful idiots standing on street corners waving flags paid for by
Clear Channel, need to decide to adopt a zero tolerance policy toward
lies in government. And that means kicking out any and all government
people caught in a lie. No excuses, no appeal, no bargaining, just
throw them out of our government buildings and into the streets in
the most humiliating manner possible. One strike and you're out.
Period. Look at the taxes you pay and remember that the government is
your employee, and that YOU have the right to fire that employee at
any time. Lying should be a firing offence. The very first step in
getting our nation back is to make government terrified of telling a
lie. Now is your chance. The government has been caught lying to you
to start a war. People you know died for that lie. Do you have the
courage to do something about it?

-- Andreas
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