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Posted by Wild Iraqi from ( on Tuesday, June 03, 2003 at 9:40AM :

In Reply to: Re: Petition posted by Alexander from ( on Monday, June 02, 2003 at 5:27PM :

: Response posted below:

: +++Perhaps, if you want to effect a real democracy, allow a vote to see how many people want to keep The Asshole here, or at least to see what they think could be done with the forum, otherwise this is not a democracy where we can vote and affect how the forum is run, but rather one where the webmaster maintains democracy by not allowing anyone to come to a democratic decision regarding "forum matters" and therefore would be a highly limited democracy.

: +++****You must have gone to college on a scholarship. You say things that astound you and think youīve made a compelling point. What you call freedom and demcoracy, especially in the realm of ideas and writings, is nothing more than some one person deciding what is proper and correct. I tell you I will not be that person.

: First of all, my college is not of interest here.

***It was to me..or are you going to tell me what should and should not be of "interest" to me. I mention it because you strike me as having come from that environment, of having gotten what education you have from those hallowed and hollow walls of ivy and weeds. Your argument is circular...folds back in on itself. That sort of performance always gets you at least a "B". But it isnīt enough anywhere else. You want to have a discussion and not an argument...then define your terms. What you call a democracy...isnīt. Not to this boyo. Therefore if you wish to challenge how I prefer to conduct this forum, do so by questioning my definition of democracy...not by telling me what YOU think MY ideas about it should be. Thatīs pure collitch.

And I do not try to make myself sound compelling, this is just the way I speak.

***And the way you smell may just be the way you can still shower once in a while.

If you prefer to take the side of someone who insults people rather than someone who checks out the environment before expressing his views, just because you like the idea of yelling out every personal feeling one has, I verily disagree with you.

*** Well, yea and perforce...I am not taking sides. This is not a question of who loves who more. I am on the side of the greatest possible intellectual freedom...PERIOD. Andreas is not the first asshole in history and he wonīt be the last...all we can do is innoculate ourselves against his kind of illness...and I believe we do that best by taking in a little of the fuckerīs germs and smashing cow puss.

: As for democracy, the US Constitution was not made for the American people, but for businesses, it was written with double-meanings, so it could benefit businesses in the name of "citizens."

***Thatīs more cuteness on your part. Magna Charta wasnīt written for the English people was an agreement between the Barons and King John recognizing their right too to be mean and cruel to the peasants...breaking the monopoly the English Crown had enjoyed. But that document was the wedge...just as the wheel was and fire gave the wiley and ever restless people a handle, a means by which through their ingenuity and brilliant hard work and sacrifice they could turn it to their own use. Intelligence is not swallowing books whole and spitting them back up...the definition I prefer is, "knowing what to do when you donīt know what to do". That has been the real story of one told us a damn thing, not from the get go...we had to figure it out for ourselves. The United States Constitution...according to the latest and most cynnical college prof....who nonetheless wants a raise...may never have been intended for the landless, women, blacks, natives and anyone else who didnīt pass muster...but no one except a college kid expects to be handed things...that blessed document is there...a gift, like water and air and trees, do with them what you will, do with it what your mind and abilities and humanity tells you, trash the environment...wreck the Bill of Rights...go ahead, youīre "free" to do so.... That Constitution is a product of all the trials and failures that went is as imperfect as you are and I am because it is waits for us...for me and for you...(to graduate) we can take it, understand it, ammend it...revise it...and yes even trash it. Thatīs freedom baby...the freedom to fuck yourself over and ruin the planet if you feel like it. What you want is a nursery where your diapers will be changed regulary and a tit placed in your mouth at the correct want an approximation of Life...or Freedom and of arenīt ready for the real thing.

George Washington is the 14th president of the United States, but the first president of the Constitution. There were 13 presidents before him, yet how many americans know that? They don't, yet they continue to defend the constitution, when they do not know the first thing about the true aspects of it.

***Youīll have to run that one by me again...and explain its relevance. Paul Revere didnīt make his famous ride either...Charles Dawes did. Revere was arrested at the first bridge his nag clattered over...but Longfellow needed a what? Are you trying to tell us that Americans are ignorant and get lied to regularly? Who promised YOU a rose garden?

***I got banned from bethsuryoyo for arguing with Hajjar that although there were several rivers in the Assyrian Empire..."BetNahrain" meant between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers...just as there were several rivers in the British Empire, including the Ganges...still...the river closest to the heart of the British Empire was the Thames. I was banned for implying the the heart of the Assyrian Empire was NOT down the street in the village he was born in in Turkey or Syria. Peter BooHoo banned a whole bunch of us because we dared to discuss the almost certain truth that many Assyrians converted to Islam and are as much Assyrian in their background as all the ones who converted to reformed Judaisim...quaintly refered to as Christianity.

Having gone through that experience...and being called an asshole by both moderators...and having votes called for to have me banned as well by people as insecure as you are who insisted to the moderators that they COULD NOT post and WOULD POST their darling ideas so long as I was allowed any room to express ideas they didnīt like...having gone through all of that you will understand, no doubt, my reluctance to now set myself up as a judge of people or their assholes.

Yours is as welcome as anyone elseī canīt stand the heat, get the fuck out of Assyria.

Andreas can take it and has never oince yelled for help...I admire him for that if for nothing else.

-- Wild Iraqi
-- signature .

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