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Posted by Wild Iraqi from ( on Tuesday, June 03, 2003 at 9:56AM :

In Reply to: "Anti-Semitism" posted by Alexander from ( on Monday, June 02, 2003 at 10:30PM :

Everyone has burned everyone...nothing new there.

What makes the Holocaust...and there has been only compelling, is that it was the actual and addmitted policy of a governing body...brought on after centuries of deliberate priming by those Primates from hell...the popes.

Do not bring up the Ottoman Empire. The official policy of the Sultans was tolerance for all major religions. That they really had George Washington in their harem doesnīt prove the opposite point. It was no sweat for the Christian to create "peace"...they merely killed everyone, Jew and Muslim. When the Hebrews had fangs, they turned on their own first of all.

Only the Muslims and then primarily the Ottoman Turks tried the impossible...hell the Byzantines were killing Western Christians and on and on...the Sultans allowed Jews and Christians to rule their own communities...they were so fair and just that Christians escaped in the night from the Balkans to run to the Sultanīs arms.

Whenever the lower classes became agitated and were driven to acts of violence against the minorities, the Sultans punished those responsible..and after one clash between these religions from hell...the leaders of all three branches held a joint meeting at which they EXCHANGED PRAYERS.

It was the fucking Christian Western powers who used religion as a device to inflame ignorant they have always they are doing again.

While it is lamentable that Assyrians or anyone else was killed for religious reasons or excuses...the treatment handed out to the Jews, being based as it was on a constant drumbeat of Christian propaganda and ill treatment over centuries...before being implemented as the national policy of Germany AND being encouraged and blessed even by the Pious Fraud of a Pope...the Hollocaust is unprecedented in history. It was NOT merely an instance of Manīs cruelty to was a national and a religious program...and THAT is what makes the Holocaust THE Holocaust.

-- Wild Iraqi
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