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Posted by Wild Iraqi from customer-148-233-71-109.uninet.net.mx ( on Tuesday, June 03, 2003 at 10:23AM :

Spent three hours at the Ministerio Publico yesterday. Had to answer to three charges...one is that I stole back the horses that I...never mind. The other was just to clarify an earlier denunciation about horeses I st...never mind. The last one was for a wooden gate on Fartmanīs house that I smashed with my rented, and now dented, Tsuru.

I said I hit it by accident...five times. When asked, "why five"...I said cause my Bourbon was impounded at the time...or once would have been plenty. This is so damn silly itīs all we can do to keep from laughing when Iīm up there. I said I did it...said I would pay for it...and said Iīd break it again if Fartman goes on supporting Reynolds...making it possible for him to threaten us.

Today I have been called back to Immigration...I have no idea why. They already asked me in to check my documents...Iīd been denounced by Celina, who herself had no papers. And tomorrow I have to go back to the Ministerio to answer about the rental car being rammed by that black mystery truck.

One thing I am looking forward to comes tomorrow. Thatīs when the local chief of Interpol gives my lawyer the names of the three agents who were right there when my car was rammed by that truck. They wouldnīt tell me when I asked for the license plate number, but they will tell my lawyer...then we trace that plate.

I wonder who it belongs to? Luis Arriaga, the local cop who is now partners with Reynolds, drives a truck like that...though I could swear this one was newer and even blacker...I was busy at the time and didnīt get a good fix on it. Then again it could belong to the couple I already accused. He works for the Mexican Government and already assured me he had nothing to do with it and besides he doesnīt own a black pick-up...heīs the one who told me three times that he is a very important person. Important people NEVER refer to themselves that way. He and his wife were early friends of Reynolds and no doubt believe he is John Wayne and Mary Poppins all roiled up into one.

Yesterday the Ministerio sent out two officials to photo and visit with the three horses I "stole" back.

Just thought Iīd add this...Iīve noticed that all six horses stand facing the sunrise every morning, same place by the water trough. They stand in a row as the sun comes up...and all of them have hard-ons!

I donīt understand the ritual. Any of you familiar with this sort of thing among males? The closest I came to seeing such a thing was at Assrin conventions but that was only after the sun set.


-- Wild Iraqi
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