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Posted by farid from ( on Tuesday, June 03, 2003 at 2:22PM :

...thatīs what this place is...itīs the street. It isnīt a Finishing isnīt a private college and it ainīt your motherīs drawing room. Life here is as smelly and yucky as it is out there...thatīs the way it spozd t be. (By the way...on one of the 13 denunciatins against me someone has me down as having sworn at him...I said, "summa babich". Now THAT is inspired...wish I HAD said it.)

Step outside and youīll find the crass and vulgar...youīll have to make a special effort to see the fine and precious...or not...not if youīre put together in such a way as to see the best always. But still...the wisest among us knows what Life is at both ends.

I see no point being served in cleaning up and controlling anything...not unless this is supposed to be a place to show off your brittle wits and crackling bones.

Thatīs one of the biggest problems we have as We allow barely literate midgets like Atour Golani, for lack of a worse example, to address us at conventions and then applaud the fool...which only emboldens him to send letters to wurld leeders in our name. If we had a any brains WE would howl him off the podium...but we donīt cause we wanna make nice...we donīt want he should burst into tears and run under his wifeīs arms.

At a convention in Detroit years ago I got friendly with the security chief...he enjoyed everything Assyrian...big tower of a man too. The last nightīs party was interrupted three times by, what else...false fire alarms. At the third one the Battalion Chief had enough and kept us all outside for over an hour until they "checked" the place.

Iīll never forget the Lion of Assyria, or maybe it was of "Chaldea", who took it upon himself to whip the crowd of fat arsed dancers into a rage...told them this was a Turkish plot to deprive them of their Christ given right to wiggle their asses for Ashur...told them they werenīt men if they didnīt, "fight back". He went on in that vein...shouting to his rapt followers till the police had enough as well...they dropped him, cuffed him and hauled him back to the security unit. I had to go back there later that night and what do I see but our Lion of the tears...begging the cops to let him go home...another Lion who "didnīt mean it"...who doesnīt mean anything...anywhere...anywhere except in a cleaned up and controlled and well-behaved and seriously regulated forum...or in the guts of some glorified vertical motel where he can pontificate from a podium and lead the Assyrian Masses with their Masses of Asses into open revolt cause the poor frustrated heirs of Ashurbanipal canīt dance when they want to.

Summa Babich!

This is the street...we want people who can function just fine on the streets....THEN get up on the podium.

-- farid
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