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Posted by farid from ( on Tuesday, June 03, 2003 at 2:38PM :

Had two meetings with the head of Immigration this morning. Friends of Reynolds, the very important guy...denounced me, my 13th one, to Immigration because, a. My children donīt have special permits to attend school(turns out they donīt need any and besides one of them is Mexican)...we are tourists...b. I sent a sealed note via my daughter to his daughter to her parents regarding the black truck incident...I had good reason to believe he owns such a truck...and c. That I hadnīt really left the country the last time...just said I did, and that therefore the visa I now hold is a forgery...say WHAT?

The Chief said he was frankly confused and upset by the sheer number of denunciations against me...all of them within the last two months, that this was unprecendented, especialkly when you consider that Iīm out and about enjoying the free Mexican sunshine and goodwill...that either I am a disaster...or something else is going on. We chatted some...he was suspicious of me a good long while but as I was so forthcoming and open...and cute...he began to loosen up and by the end we were all pals.

So I leave there and drop by the Consulīs office...but he has an important scheduled meeting...can I come back in the morning? Sure thing. So I sit down at the outdoor cafe to have a coffee and fresh squozed juice...when who comes by to see the Consul but the same Immigration Chief...briefcase in hand. And oh yeah...while Iīm in the chiefīs office he gets a call from the DA...and theyīre discussing yoors trooly...I can tell.

Reynolds must be enjoying this...heīs managed to flummox the Embassy...Immigration, practically the entire town, the Police etc. But the tide will turn...for lo, woe to any fool who messeth with my Freddy...Ashur say eth so eth.

As I told Jackie before she dipped her head for the last time...there is no such thing as bad publicity for the artist. I am infamous in this town...people point me out from bus windows and outdoor cafes...they cross the street to get away from me...they slow their cars down to see. Infamous is just the other half of famous.

This Sunday I even showed up at the jardin, during a national holiday filled with parades and bands...there I was with my homemade sign reading, "SIGN PETITION TO ARREST DANGEROUS MAN AT TABOADA"...thatīs me.
Got several people to sign it too...especially when I got to explaining just how vicious the guy really is. Will send on photos when the time is right.

See...Ashur is a fun loving god...none of your hellfire and brimstone...none of your Thou Shalt Nots...just be good to one another...try to live by the Golden Rule and screw others as they have tried to screw you. No heaven or hell but what you put in your own head up till the moment you drop dead.

Andreas will no doubt have ring-side seats in Heaven...Iīm looking forward to Hell.

-- farid
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