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Posted by farid from ( on Tuesday, June 03, 2003 at 7:07PM :

From aina....Paul Younan writes:

Does anyone really believe that if the word "Assyrian" were suddenly to be dropped from the title of the Church of the East, then everything would be fine and dandy?

Do you really imagine that Mar Ibrahim, Mar Sarhad, Mar Kaplan and all the rest of them would suddenly proclaim their Assyrian ethnicity and wave the beydakh?

I guarantee you that if THAT was all it would take, then Mar Dinkha would immediately call a synod and revise the title of the Church of the East.

Is anyone really suggesting that the problems started in the 1970s with the revision of the name of the Church of the East?

That everything was just fine before the 1970s?

C'MON! Gimme a break!

***No, the problem goes back much further than that...when you deny your religion and eventually your culture, your language your history and everything but aren´t anything any more...just a citizen wannabe of whatever country will take you in...your own having kicked you out long ago because in your confusion as to what you are you were susceptible to the siren song of Western Christians who got you to betray BetNahrain for an offering in your poor box.

Any Jew who denied Yahwe for whatever reason and turned to another religion, especially if that religion promised the ultimate goodie on the broken body of a sweet innocent young man...that Jew would be damned for all time...certainly as a Jew.

Christian Assyrians are damned for all time...just look at them confound themselves...look what they´ve done to their "beloved" homeland, while they pay to maintain Jerusalem...hell, worse than that, look at what they´ve done to you.

Don´t´ll just get your feelings hurt and stub your toe.

-- farid
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