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Posted by D from ( on Tuesday, June 03, 2003 at 7:47PM :

Earlier response from Parhad to mine, you can see it all below.: clear as you can make it....seems to me you´re out of control here. We may have to limit the number of nonsense posts you post...try to improve...we want to approve of you...really we do.

First off, I have not produced more nonsense than some other people on this forum. Now, about my "nonsense" response.

Is it not hypocritical to respond to my serious response with a nonsense resonse like you did? I am referring to when you asked me what I was talking about when I mentioned analagies instead of analogies, which was a typo. You knew what I meant, but proceeded to bulshit in a response amounting to nonsense, so i simply returned your nonsense and fashioned it for humor as well, yet I am in breach of nonsense posting rules? What moderation is there for nonsense posting? There is no "curbing" here is there? You are not contradicting yourself are you?

Also, you said earlier that you would rather listen to someone who posted insulting responses than to someone who hesitated in his responses... Yet here I don't insult anyone and I am in need of moderation? Certainly you don't contradict yourself? Please explain,
I eagerly await your response, don't declare a victory for me so soon.

And by the way, who the hell said I needed anyone's approval for anything, you yourself said I shouldn't care what other people think. I never do care what anyone thinks of me, I don't consider anyone better or worse than me, but what I am pointing out is what appears to be yet another contradiction, the one where you go against what you said earlier regarding what people think of me, or how they "approve" of me...and by the way, don't simply say I went to school on a full scholarship(which I didn't) for I did not learn to speak in college, my classes are mostly numerical data, not english, and that excuse for not responding to my posts is now exhausted, try to answer this one directly, if you can take direct hits that is.
Don't think I am being unfriendly just because of the nature of this post, I am just discussing some points, I just need to "improve" your behavior. Just like you say mine needs to improve. Perhaps then, you would stop talking about masturbation and always making sexual remarks to women on this forum as well? I wouldn't want to consider you an authority on this forum that can get away with such things. Certainly your foul-mouthed words and heinous remarks have turned away some heads from this forum- but I am determined to make you a better man yet... one that we can later let loose into society like a wounded animal ready to join the wilderness again...:) Don't take any of this the wrong way.

As for your response, I expect this post is not on an intellectual plane that you are not able to communicate through, since surely the reason you have avoided some direct discussions before is not because you are not capable but because you don't want to right? Dont prove me otherwise, I like to think better of you, even if I overestimate you character sometimes:)

-- D
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