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Posted by D from ( on Wednesday, June 04, 2003 at 12:12PM :

In Reply to: For "D": A question ... posted by Andreas from ( on Wednesday, June 04, 2003 at 11:41AM :

I consider the Turks who inhabit the country now referred to as Turkey to be newcomers to the area, and they only comprise a certain percentage of Turkey, therefore, by Turks I do not know whether you mean Turks by blood, or simply by where they live. So therefore I will try to explain both:
There is nothing between me and the Turks(by blood), except that I consider them to be "occupiers" in Turkey. They got there by invading the land- but the government of today is not comprised of those people, but rather a mixture of Turks and other people who lived in Anatolia before the Turkish invasion. The government provides for the people of Turkey, and I am pleased with what conditions persist in Turkey regarding health, education, and the like. Concerning other things however, that is another story. That thing between me and the Turks(we take Turk to mean certain elements of the government and not the blood-race or the general population itself) has more to do with inner-political representation than anything else, if that is at all clear to you. Simply, it has to do with the current government of Turkey and certain indegenous peoples of the region.
And finally, if you were asking about my association with it?... Then it's simply blood association.

: For "D": A question ...

: Re your message I heaved up here from below.

: What is that between you and the Turks?

: Thanks in advance.

: -----------------

: You wrote ( in an earlier exchange with the "wild Iraqi"):

: "This forum is not a place for anything but posting some things, and provides no training for anything. There is no way that what goes on in this forum can ever prepare anyone for real life.
: I would never bother with these so-called general assemblies and such, because nothing ever gets through successfully with them, they are to me in a sense businesses. If ever there is to be an issue resolved concerning the Turkish issues, it would not take a general assembly to do that.
: It would take blood and war.
: That is the way life is, not the UN, not the League of Nations. Those are just organizations for the "settled" "western" nations. When it comes down to the nitty gritty, all the bombers in the world fromt eh UN or NATO can't stop an uprising of 400,000 people with kalashnikovs. How can this forum prepare for that?
: Nonetheless, I see your point, however, this forum is not as "crude" as you probably think it is. If ever it seeemed that I couldn't take the "heat" from the forum, it is not that I couldn't deal with it, but rather that I posted in a fashion that I thought was most effective(as effective as text can be) enough to carry my point, or at least somewhat represent my view. Whether you consider that squeamish or whether you think I am not able to deal with "unruly" people is another matter altogether. "

-- D
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