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Posted by farid from ( on Thursday, June 05, 2003 at 9:55AM :

From an assessment of the annual Ass Fest held in Zindalite

"In this week's editorial, we examine the causes and effects of using such a compound
name, an issue being bitterly disputed among our political parties in the Diaspora.
According to last week's poll, nearly 60% of our readers disagreed with the use of a
compound name.

***Iīve got a compound name..."Horseīs-Ass"...or, "Damn-fools" maybe???

This fiction that you and I are descendants of Ashurbanipal...DIRECT desecndants no less...pure and so much hokum itīs embarassing. In fact...just like the notion of, heaven-if-youīll-just-kill-Jesus, the very idea that I am a PURE Assyrian, in any way affiliated with those of 3000 years ago, should qualify me for a looneybin, not Leedershit of a "Political Party"...and it DOES...if I believed it. Thatīs why these political parties and other idiots sound so damn foolish...they ARE foolish and FOOLS to boot.

These are simply Christians horribly hurt at having had Jesus, the Jew, trumped by Muhammad, also arguably a Jew...thatīs all this is. They are Christians desperately seeking some other designation than the one they tar themselves with when they call all Muslims "Arabs"...because by extension and with only a little bit of logic...which of course they lack...they too must be Arabs...just Christian ones...where the Muslims are Muslim Arabs.

In a wild and futile effort to avoid being called dreaded Arabs, of ANY kind...they came up with this, I AM AN ASSYRIAN nonsense...even to insisting that as Christians and non-believers in that "silly god" Ashur...they are evn MORE Assyrian because they now believe in that great and good and amazing and wonderful and TRUE god...YAHWE!

I told HAVE to be disjointed in the head to believe this rot.

We are possibly of Mesopotamian...BetNahrainian descent...that includes ALL the cultures of that region that are somehow rattling around in our blood...up to and including the Islamic, which has been there twice as long as any Christian culture. Those of us born in Iraq...are Iraqi. Itīs that simple...thatīs why those of us accepting it donīt sound like Aprim and BooHoo.

Those of us born within the modern boundries of a Syria or Turkey...are Syrian or far as nationality goes. If we choose to betray the countries of our birth for some Xanadu somewhere...for a cock-eyed notion that we are Assyrian, or whatever, and that ONE DAY Assyria will rise again...then we are asking for every bit of trouble we ever got from the dominant Islamic communities we have lived among since the Muslim Conquest.

No dilemna at are either an idiot born in Iraq...or you are born in Iraqi. I am Iraqi by birth...I find no "problem" with that whatsoever, maybe thatīs because I can read.

note: Alexander...this post would have gotten me banned from all of our Assrin forums...people, graduate students among them, would have mailed the moderators in private that I am an ass...that a forum should be reserved for "serious" discussions"...that they felt they couldnīt post their own little darlings if someone such as I was allowed to post such patently absured and silly and vulgar and filthy posts...and further that they would warn their friends to stay away as well until such a time as the moderators practised some "minimal" control...nothing serious just GET RID OF WHAT I DONīT LIKE!!!

Ergo...we set up our own Thingie where idiots and fools and rude and vulgar people at least have one outlet. Itīs for this reason I say...Andreas does us proud...the shithead.

-- farid
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