Blood Money

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Posted by farid from ( on Saturday, June 07, 2003 at 3:12PM :

Just like to tell the AAS and all the other "pity and welfare" groups we the political thugs we breed like maggots on a rotting Assria...that the "help" they sent to Iraq was nothing more than Blood Money...a payment for guilt well earned...considering through their taxes they sent a lot more death than they did band-aids. But thatīs the "reality"...see these guys are into in..."you have to make money". Thatīs the bottom line and the top of their day as well.

That school building and the clinics and medicine hardly compensated for the the destroyed universities, administrattion buildings, water treatment plants, hospitals and lives...millions of lives.

Like I have to be disjointed in the head, and these people are. They function this way because they are able to create a split in their minds...Iraq is an "Arab" country filled with whatever the United States Press Corp tells them it is...and somewhere in or on top of Iraq is an "Assyria"...pure as the driven sand, harmless, hardworking and decent...just yearning to be born and live free and democratic. They can believe all this only by squinting real hard and holding their noses at the noxcious smell emanating from this Assria of their dreams...filled as it is with the most double-dealing, treacherous, lecherous, greedy, petty and murderous Christian assholes youīd never want to know.

"Goodness" resides in this Assria...while just across the thin layer of skin that separates Muslim Kurd from Christian Turd...are to be found all the seven sins and their cousins.

The Assyrian Heritage, whatever the hell it is besides tea and meatballs, will have to live or die in Iraq and the rest of the MidEast at the mercy of the Muslim majority. Thatīs it, thatīs all...end of story.

Those who think and tell you differently are eager for a massacre of more Christians...and in all truth the best thing for all concerned is that the Christians of the MidEast get evicted...or learn to live as a LOYAL minority. Are we any less put upon in the MidEast than Blacks are in Los Angeles or South Africa? If they can have the grace and guts to maintain their self-respect and work for change within systems terribly stacked against them, why the fuck canīt we? Why do we excuse ourselves and even praise ourselves for selling out to Western Christianity everytime they fart in our ears the fart of "hope"?

The Asyrian Heritage isnīt ours to influence one way or the other in Iraq or Turkey or Syria or anywhere least not in the assinine ways these leeders of ours accepting rides in the limos of the fourteenth undersecretary to the twenty-third Secretary of Minor Matters.

The only place we have any chance of making a difference is in the West, what our little people glory in calling "THE DIAPERS"...just as they call those of us murdered "THE HOLOCAUST".

And in the America in particular, the most glaring fault we have is placing too much, or any, emphasis on our Old Farts and their need to stand up somewhere, usually on an artistīs or poetīs back...and say foolish things...while all the time ignoring the only real asset and chance we have as an Idiotic Peeple..and that is our YOUNG PEOPLE.

And to that end I would like to remind you all that while Assrins around the world have been praising themsleves all over the place because they sent Food Stamps to a nation that holds one of the worldīs largest oil Assyrian monument, done and paid for these six years...has been languishing...why? Because the person who made it is still around...and will NOT LET any one of these leeders from hell use the monument for their own personal sully it and the spirit that made it.

It wasnīt Jackieīs money or anyone elseīs money that made the Ashurbanipal or Shumirum was the spirit behind the thing. There are no more monuments and not likely to be, not because we are short of cash...but short on spirit and vision and desire and passion and caring. What are they doing with their precious cash now except coddling it, growing it, eating it...breathing and shitting it...and even fucking it when all else fails to satisfy.

An Assyrian...especially a leader...would be capable of making this plain to us. These all the rest of them, have found an easy, relatively safe and clean way to fan the flames of their egos...thatīs all.

Bend over one of us comes!

-- farid
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