On The Joys Of Evangelicalism

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Posted by Lew Garcia from customer-148-233-93-83.uninet.net.mx ( on Sunday, June 08, 2003 at 1:35PM :

They've come knocking on everyone's door. The people offering you salvation...you know, "let us kill Jesus for your sake...kay"? In them old hoary days they tromped around the landscape bringing the "good word" to people who never heard of it...who never imagined before in their wildest dreams that anyone could, or would want to, benefit from the wanton murder, decreed by an almighty and "loving" god, of one of the sweetest men to ever have lived. Such a definition of love, if once accepted, let alone "cherished", would pretty much set those people on a course of murder and mayhem that would be unparalleled in history.

A religion, especially one of "Love", that begins by demanding of its pious followers the murder of a most precious and innocent young man cannot, from that day onward, require any less of the blood and guts of others, others not as "innocent" as their dear lord was...who was forced to suffer the ultimate punishment anyway...so that innocence, as of the Iraqi children for instance, hardly counts for anything. That One Execution and the promised "benefits" that are said to flow from it, to those who choose to enjoy them, is enough to blight the souls of all such "believers" from then on so that they had BETTER spend the rest of their days praying to heaven for forgiveness for this one introductory and most atrocious SIN...addressing the very same Holy Father who demanded this bloodletting in the first place...while all the while emulating His example...with a "divine" vengence.

Christianity was a godsend to kings, governors and such as need all the help they can get imposing their will on people. All religions serve that purpose more or less, but Christianity has in it something that so ruins the character and robs the soul that it makes citizens more accepting of the most heinous crimes committed in the name of this "Prince of Peace", that also just so happen to further the grand secular designs of kings, popes and corporate heads. Pious believers are so unhinged, right at the onset of Christian dogma, that they can approve almost anything...for once you are willing to benefit from a murder, even encouraged to do so by teary eyed brethren down on their knees pleading before you to be, "saved through the bloody execution of Christ"...why would you ever stop? What else, you might wonder, can come your way from another murder...and another...and just one more? After all..the ones you kill will go to their Maker...they too will be resurrected, just as Jesus was, if they will just embrace the knees of the divine Executioner who started this whole thing...so that by killing the debased flesh of sinful men, women and children too...aren't you just releasing their pure "essence"...freeing it from this rotten coil to go rejoin it's divine parent up there on a cloud?

Abortion may well become illegal in the United States...but so what? Women can always go to Canada. Except that Evangelicalism, by its very definition, means these pious frauds will take their "message" to every corner of the earth. The "reawkenning" and "spreading" of this manure is nothing more than an unholy alliance between conservative economic/political goals, such as turning back the clock on anything that interferes with the free market bullshit of transforming everything you touch to profit...usually by destroying ten other things...and the most backward, male chauvinistic demands that come right out of the Bible and the sheepshitherders who put together that amalgam of blood and guts...perversions, whoredoms and the rest because it places Man and the Prick he cherishes right back on top of Woman again...and right behind pink-cheeked little boys.

Give someone enough rope and that person will usually hang him or herself. Let Evangelicalism have its day...give it all the rope it asks for...then let it go hang itself too. No matter how much garbage is dumped on the human soul, how lazy and complacent the mind gets...the Will to breathe free always shines through...if you smother it in enough shit first.

Dear Lord..."Heap it on".

-- Lew Garcia
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