Muslims In Appalachia

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Posted by Lew Garcia from ( on Sunday, June 08, 2003 at 1:36PM :

Imagine rounding up the good folk in your typical rural hog waller and presenting them to the world as representative of what it means to be Christian. That's what's being done with Muslims. The most backward, retrograde, ignorant and god-awful Muslims...who are spiritually identical to their Christian counterparts...are being highlighted by the Western Christian press and fobbed off as your basic example of Islam and what it "does" to people.

Where Christians get off calling the followers of other religions, "violent" is a testament to what can be achieved with Two Testicles and one Dangling Participle. Timur-i-lang...Gengis Khan...Atilla...not a one of them declared a policy of starving children to death in order to make their parents cooperate with a foreign power. There is a magnificent bronze sculpture of Gengis sitting atop his horse which is standing on a pile of children's heads. Terrible, it's true...if indeed it happened that way. But consider the people who cut off food and medicine to children...and refuse to allow anyone to bring them pictures, or make sculptures, of the results. And remember...these are good Christian folk.

Yo have to be crazy to be normal.

-- Lew Garcia
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