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Posted by farid from ( on Sunday, June 08, 2003 at 2:18PM :

In Reply to: Published Sunday in the Omaha Herald posted by Jeff from ( on Sunday, June 08, 2003 at 2:00PM :

I can hear him and Celina now as they hunker down with the Hole In The Head Gang..."these are all lies put out by jealous people". And...having invested so much in Reynolds...these same shmucks will go right on to their bitter end.

To justify their lying, theiving ways, Reynolds and his wife told me they have been on, "survival mode" for years now. What that means is that they live from day to day...from theft to theft...from lie to lie. They stick it out to ALMOST the bitter end...dragging chumps like me into it farther and farther, convincing us chumps that we are in this thing, "together"...and they“ll maintain that line till the night before their escape when they“ll lay in bed and say something..."Well, hon...looks like it“s survival time"...and in the night or early next morning, they“ll steal what they can from you and run away.

Some survival...if the idiot had stayed and faced the music he could have declared bankruptcy or at the worst paid a fine, returned the stolen money and tried to live a decent life. Instead he“s ruined his children“s lives and his wife“s. The children are attractive and is their mother...unfortunately all their abilities have been perverted and put to use to maintain Reynolds“fantasy. The best thing that could happen for all of them, Reynolds included, is that he slinks off somewhere and hangs himself...for real.

-- farid
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