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Posted by farid from ( on Monday, June 09, 2003 at 6:49PM :

Written by News on 06 Jun 2003 22:08:22:

Last Sunday the Bishop brough in couple of bodyguards to intimidate the Syriac church congregation, allowing them to wlak all over the Altar area and desecrate it.

Now according to our Holy Syriac Orhtodox Church traditions, our church Altar is a holy and sacred place where

1. Only male Syriac Orthodox members that are performing religious practices are allowed to be in that altar area.

2. And when they are in the Altar area, they can't wear their everyday shoes, but rather a special slipper dedicated only for use in the Altar area. (Because you can't step over a holy space dedicated to worshipping God with the same shoes that has been stepping in filty unclean places).

What the bishop's nonSyriac bodyguards did was irrespectfully walk all over the Altar area with their shoes (whish they use to go to the toilet), desecrating that holy grounds, and the bishop allowed that to happen.

Luckily it was one of the Shamoshe (decons) that pushed them out when he noticed that.

What we need is a cleansing process of the Altar of the desecration that took place and of the person that allowed that dececration to take place.

By the way, the Syriac scandal is going Global! A Burbank newspaper had an article about the police coming to the church and all the hoopla associated with it. What a shame!

The Bishopp had turned our holy church into a circus, I'd rather see the IRS turning it into a zoo and caging him with the primates where he belongs.

***Who says we arenīt the Hairs of Ashurbanipalīs ass?

-- farid
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