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Posted by farid from ( on Wednesday, June 11, 2003 at 12:51PM :

In Reply to: Danke posted by D from ( on Tuesday, June 10, 2003 at 7:10PM :

It is almost impossible to rule any of those countries in any way whatsoever that would be immune to criticism from the American press...from an America that has routinely savaged its native population and the Afro Americans it stole and raped and murdered.

The collapse of the Ottoman Empire...through a war of agression, I might add...left portions of it in chaos.

Before Saddam kicked the ass of any and all opposition groups, Iraq had imposed upon it a "king", by the Brits...who was from ARABIA! Now THAT made a lot of sense...and it did if you were sitting in London...cause it meant unending turmoil and instability...the cornerstones of British and American foreign "policy".

A king led to a detested Regent...which led to another king and then a revolution and several succeeding "governments" murdering their way into power. Saddam was the Mother of All may be...but he put an end to the instability that came with revolving murderers.

Under Saddam Iraq developed very nicely indeed...who doesn´t have mass graves in their past...go ask the Souix at Wounded Knee...or Chief Joseph of the Nez Iraq education was free...up to and through medical school...hospitals abounded...women were liberated far more than anywhere else, except maybe Iran...and the oil reserves and the cash was much so that Saddam and others could think of diversifying...right up the arse of white CEO´s and into the Boardrooms of Western corporations.

It was time to end it all before it got out of hand...before those countries had a chance to evole, as they were surely doing.

That Saddam turned¨"rogue" we have only the word of the American press and enough lying "diplomats" to sink any democracy. But one thing we know for damn was Sanctions that killed the children, not Saddam...and killing children is what Christianity ultimately leads to...who else is as innocent as Christ was, if NOT children? And who just HAD to be murdered before eternal life...or eternal ethyl, could be won?

-- farid
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