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Posted by Amira Bet Shmoel from ( on Sunday, June 15, 2003 at 11:26PM :

In Reply to: Seems incomplete... posted by Jeff from ( on Sunday, June 15, 2003 at 5:05PM :

Because he is cheeta of the jungle. don't you get it?

: : The Ten Commandments were hardly anything new. Maybe it was news to the Hebrews that you shouldn't kill, but the Assyrians and Sumerians and Egyptians had these laws on the books centuries before. No one could have a civilization and countenance murder, adultary, theft and disrespect towards parents or the gods...or god. What was the big deal. It isn't as if Moses came down with the first loaf of sliced bread. The very day he came down with those "laws" he had Joshua kill 3500 Hebrews for straying. So much for, "Thou Shalt Not Kill". And the rest of them went the same way. They were silly enough in their own day, they hardly mean anything today.

: : In fact it would appear that the Commanments were aimed at the Hebrews exclusively. You'll recall it was their way to kill each other...they hardly ever in their history had the means to kill anyone else, till recently. They used to slit each other's throats and women's bellies over religous distinctions not worth a damn...what's it to a Hebrew what sort of a god another Hebrew wants to worship? So one Hebrew wanted to fuck a heifer...the other wanted to fuck his daughter...who's got the better idea? But it WAS a big big they killed each other, raped each other, stole from each other, fed each other to the dogs, coveted what the other Jew had and generally carried on so that it was all their neighbors could do to tolerate them...hell it was their own Yahwe who got so fed up with them he tired his imagination finding ways to wipe them out or chastise them periodically into some semblance of civil behavior...and that was just towards each other.

: : Maybe it was news to them, came as a revelation that their god wanted them to stop killing each other...or cussing his name, or straying over to Baal or Molech or Milcolm. The Assyrians showed respect not only to their own gods but the gods of others as well... and where is it written anywhere, even in the bible, that Assyrians killed each others wives and ripped their bellies open? They didn't do that to anybody. It was the Hebrews who needed to be brought to heel, it was the Hebrews who several other people took under their wing, trying to improve them...everyone else back then already knew you shouldn't do such things...their gods and kings had spoken out on the subject centuries earlier...and Hammurabi's laws were chiseld onto stone long before that other Chisler climbed down off a cow.

: : The major religions on this planet belong in a zoo somewhere, or muzzled if taken out in p

: Why did you end it in mid sentence?

-- Amira Bet Shmoel
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