What Would Jesus Do?

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Posted by farid from customer-148-233-78-77.uninet.net.mx ( on Monday, June 16, 2003 at 2:31PM :

What Would Jesus Do?

Say he was out walking one day and came upon an executon very like his own. I gather from the literature put out he'd feel compassion for the victim, no matter what the crime. I'm convinced he would try to do something to free the man and if that failed he'd try to give some comfort, even to promising a life after. At the least he'd want to wet the poor bastard's lips.

What I can't picture for the life of me is someone saying to him that it didn't matter...on the contrary, if this guy would just go on and get killed...and if Jesus would just accept it in his own name...go along with it...some vast and unimagineable benefit would come to him. I can't imagine Jesus saying, "yeah? really? Well, get on with it".

Even if you threw in the sop that the guy would be ressurrected, so what did his pain and suffering matter...I just can't see Jesus going along with it. In every word he preached, selflessness, kindness, thinking about the other person..."doing unto others as you would wish" etc. rings clear.

No way. I can imagine Jesus saying something like..."There is no benefit to me worth my standing by to gain it at the cost of this innocent man's suffering"...and you have to figure the crimminal wasn't all that innocent...still Jesus would say it. Hell he would probably try to cut the guy loose...but not his followers. Whether you want to admit or not...if a devout believer in Christ could be whisked back to that time...and the mallet and nails placed in his or her hands...and the command to nail Jesus to the cross given...and only that Devout Christian had it in his or her power to execute Christ...Now THERE'S a Christian dilemna!

-- farid
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