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Posted by XXXX BeitMalo from ( on Wednesday, June 18, 2003 at 2:13AM :

In Reply to: Re: Evangelicalismurder posted by farid from ( on Tuesday, June 17, 2003 at 11:48AM :

"King Esarhaddon" 681-669 BC

I think King Esarhaddon is the last Assyrian king who masterfully used non-violent tools to secure his reign and Assyrian Empire.

And in regards to my Christian name, I never really cared much for it anyway but then it is my legal name.

Oh, before I forget, could you ask Tiglath
next time you see him to provide me with his literature on Ashurhaddon?

About my question... the way I see it, these so called Kristians aren't the only one that are after these lives.

Until the next time, Khoba O'shlama



: : I wonder why these so called Kristians target poor communities, underprivilaged people, women, minorities, and...?

: :
: : Esarhaddon

: +++HEY! Where ya been Red Ryder? I like your new name...what's a "Tony" anyway? Cassius Clay said it for all of us..."The White Man gave us slave names"...I got stuck with a doozy..."Frederick Luther"...the father of that other branch of Corporate Christianity. Always hated the name, though my mother said she named me for Frederic March...can't argue with least she didn't name me for Tyrone Power.

: Anyway...I have one small suggestion and it's only a matter of personal preference...and we have Tiglath to thank for's about where they got Esarhaddon from. Tiglath made my day...several of them, when he said it was really "Ashurhaddon" THAT me likes! But I'll take it either long as you stop being a Tony...but even that is okay by me...what's in a name...AndreAss would be an Ass if he were Andre called.

: In answer to your question...who has more need of a life after than those whose lives are made hell here on earth...that's ONE way to get them to "believe" in an afterlife...make this one intolerable.

-- XXXX BeitMalo
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