Ass culture WOULD really be a good a idea.

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Posted by Andreas from ( on Thursday, June 19, 2003 at 12:55PM :

In Reply to: Dumb Fuck! posted by Jeff from ( on Wednesday, June 18, 2003 at 8:49PM :

: Namaste is NOT good bye. Living with an Indian has taught me a few things... but I always knew you were a dipshit.

+++ Ass culture WOULD really be a good a idea.

But obviously, you will not be having any share in it or making any contribution to it - if you don't change yourself.

Back to the Hindi "Namasté":

Every time Hindi speaking Indians (thus: Hindus, not Muslims) GREET OR SAY GOODBYE to a person, they put their hands in front of them or up to their forehead (magical 3rd eye) and say - guess what?

Yes: "Namasté."

"Nama" = (the) bowing in reverence
"sté" = to you

Its deeper meaning can be paraphrased as "I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides, I honor the place in you where, if you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, there is only one of us."
(This interpretation for Anglos is from "Living, Loving and Learning" Leo S. Bascaglia, PhD)

It's basically a mantra used for calling up all the best forces and raise arewaress in you and the adressee in order unite in cosmic harmony.

Here are some insights into Namaste from a number of Hindus (taken from the web):

Namaste elevates one's consciousness, reminding one that all
beings, all existence is holy, is the Almighty. It
communicates, "I honor or worship the Divinity within you."
Also it draws the individual inward for a moment, inspires
reflection on the deeper realities, softening the interface
between people. It would be difficult or offend or feel
animosity toward any one you greet as Paramatma.

Namaste is a gesture of friendship and kindness, also of
thanks or special recognition. Mystically it is called
"Namaskara Mudra" in the Agami(c) Pooja, and it centers one's
energy within the spine.

I've heard it means "I salute the Almighty within you." The
true Namaste gesture is is accompanied by bowing the head and
shoulders slightly. This is a gesture that lessens our sense
of ego and self-centeredness, requiring some humility to do it
well -- whereas shaking hands can be quite an arrogant event.

Touching the hands together puts you in touch with your
center, your soul. namaste puts you forward as a soul, not an
outer personality.

The gesture has a subtle effect on the aura and nerve system.
bringing focused attention and a collection of one's forces,
so to speak.

By its semantics and its very nature "namaste" reccomends itself as the expression of choice BOTH for greeting AND saying goodbye when wishing to signal spiritual respect etc (see above).

Evidences are all over the place: Ask a Hindi speaker, check the internet ....

As I pointed out earlier I don't owe my knowledge to Microsoft, but to Makrohard = life long hard learning.
For Hindi this means, I am working as a court and conference interpreter also for that language plus a close working and friendship relationship with Indians.

No brags, simply facts.

Hope you've learnt something.


-- Andreas
-- signature .

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