Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee

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Posted by farid from customer-148-233-78-77.uninet.net.mx ( on Saturday, June 21, 2003 at 1:57PM :

An impossible book to put down...the heartbreaking and noble story of Native Americans, from their prespective.

Turns out Israeli policy on the uses of "setllements" is nothing new. The War Department and Bureau of Indian Affairs had the same idea...turn a blind eye when "settlers" move in, breaking the Law in so doing...wait till these bottom feeders piss the residents into retaliation...then swoop down on the "criminals".

Always wondered why the Army and Indian haters were so virulent in their nastiness...part of it was the "naked savage" thing to be sure, but there was a strong financial incentive. With the end of the Civil War especially, there were scads of profiteers who grew rich supplying the Union army with everything from guns to beef...sound familiar? They saw the military operations against the Indians, the bigger the better, as a last chance to make huge sums of money while doing their "patriotic" duty too. And even then the newspapers worked hand in hand with Big Bidness...often enough the lines crossed.

It must have struck the Indians as so ironic...it was an Age for Irony...no sooner did the White Man enjoin them to make nice and not fight anyone, than he rushed to square off against his own kind in the most bloody war in American history.

One Chief said that the White Man broke every promise except one...he promised to take the land...and he did.

Next time someone mentions the "cruel" Assyrian policy of transplanting people from their native lands...mention US policy towards the Indians...who were never hostile until pushed beyond endurance. Hell they were the ones who welcomed Columbus and the English conquerors and taught them and helped them survive till they got strong enough to murder them in appreciation....should have chucked them back into the sea.

Conquered natives were never allowed to remain near the hallowed lands of their birth...land that was theirs for as long as anyone could remember. As a deliberate act to break their hearts and sap their culture, they were always moved and sometimes moved again and again just to break the spiritual bond they felt with their Mother, the earth, from which they drew sustenance in many more ways than we can imagine.

One Chief said it seemed the White Man hated everything on the earth...so eager was he to destroy whatever came to hand.

And Peter Boohoo DEMANDS the return of "Assyria"...which was "lost" 2500 years ago. Idiot.

-- farid
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