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Posted by XXXX BeitMalo from ( on Sunday, June 22, 2003 at 8:49PM :

In Reply to: Debate. Need your input. posted by Jeff from ( on Sunday, June 22, 2003 at 0:20AM :

We must keep the pressure on more than ever because the only way to defeat "Occupation" is within our borders and not inside Iraq not in the UN.

I suggest, we should have a number of preformated letters available on so, rutinely and automatically we or any body else who is interested can send a letter to all the elected officials in United States and the rest of the world by a click of a button.

We must not let this new movement and new culture dies in the hands of neo conservatism and right wing groups agenda.

You see, it is not Iraq, or Afghanistan, it is this facists notion that has been floating around in face of this planet just as the lava that float under. Today, this new notion of conservistm and right wing menality that has gotten stronger legs is raping every civil rights through out the world and shreded every human being decency.

If these ass holes ever had brain, they wouldn't rape this world and the people for their own individual pleasure. It is an illness and must be treat it.

Keep the pressure on!!!

: I wanted to ask those who frequent this forum for their opinion on something. Here goes: I have been calling and sending emails to my elected representatives for a few years now. In almost every case, I receive a very polite response, but it's quite obvious to me that the response that I receive is nothing more than a chain letter. Regardless of what the subject is, or where I stand on it, the letter tells me what the official thinks about the issue, but it's insultingly obvious that he or she never even considered my opinion, the questions that I asked them, or the points that I raised.

: So, my question to you all is: Do you think I should bother?

: On the one hand, if several people like me called in, that might make a difference, but I have no way of knowing what every other citizen does.

: On the other hand, it almost seems to be a complete waste of time.

: In case you are wondering what I'm thinking: I'm leaning towards giving up on this process altogether.

-- XXXX BeitMalo
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