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Posted by farid from ( on Monday, June 23, 2003 at 11:23AM :

In Reply to: Maybe... posted by Alexander from ( on Sunday, June 22, 2003 at 6:55PM :

: Just temporarily shut down this site. In a while, bring it back online, we will look for it, and we will resume usual posting.
: I don't know any of the financial business regarding this forum, so I cannot come up with any other ideas other than to temporarily shut the site down, for a few months or six maybe. Psheyna

***Man...what a problem-solver you must be...I´d get out of school before you become completely don´t want to pay...don´t! But why do you have to make yourself dumb in the process? Where´s the mystery? The man says money is owed...and he asks for help in paying it. What about the financial "mysteries" of this CAN´T you fathom? Or do you want someone else to take care of your addiction problems as well?

You think shutting it down temporarily will make the company forget we owe them money...that they´ll miss us and let us back on for free?

I shouldn´t be too hard on´ve become accustomed to going to great lengths to answer questions answered by thousands before you in ways you´re led to believe are "original"...okay, Here´s an assignment...write a five hundred page, three paragraph essay on "Paying Bills"...or "How To Get Others To Pay By Acting Cute"...or, "How To Get Other´s To Break Your Addictions"...and deposit it in the garbage can nearest the Administration building on your campus by August 14th at three in the afternoon...the place you pay to get this fine education you´ve been taking your time getting.

-- farid
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