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Posted by farid from customer-148-233-78-77.uninet.net.mx ( on Tuesday, June 24, 2003 at 1:47PM :

Date: Sunday, 22 June 2003, at 1:07 a.m.

I propose any person who criticize the quality of Assyrian leadership should immediately
Volunteer to become our leader. Since the rest of us do even know how a leader should look like!

****There´s a reason for that. In our heart of hearts we know damn well there is about as much "Assyrian" in us as there is cavier...we are divided against ourselves, so that anyone with a sane approach to us will be driven off or killed. We don´t love being Assyrian...we hate it and it is humiliating...dor all the blather about being the hairs of Ashurbanipal´s arse.

I am always surprised at the level of criticism that is directed toward the Assyrian leadership.

***You have to watch the way you throw words around...like "martyr" and now "leader". Our leaders are all self appointed...that´s a contradiction in terms right at the get go...after that everything is Modesto.

Who are these people who without any compensation from any of us work hard to keep our organizations alive?

***That´s where you´re mistaken...they get the best kinfd of compensation...they can work under the name of a great idea...and be total fuck ups anyway...who´s gonna call them on it? They aren´t working "hard". It´s true they take a lot of time away from their families...but they´d just find another reason to get out of the house. It is indeed HARDfor most of them to lick stamps...and so it takes a lot work to lick a lot...that doesn´t mean the task is inherently difficult...just that they´re easily challenged.

I live in Los Angeles. The Assyrian Association
Has the lowest level of membership in years. We never have a quorum to discuss any of the local issues. Nobody wants to volunteer for any type of work and the first word out of our locals is the bad reputation of the Association. The Assyrian center is an extension of
How our country will be run some day.

***It would be too much to expect you to understand what you really just said...there will be no country some day...or any day. Being Assyrian is so superfluous these days...it means absolutely nothing...shouting me down when I say these things and banning them doesn´t make them false. No one has any idea or interest in being Assyrian...at the most you could call us a strange sub sect of Christianity...but there isn´t much interest in that either.

Ladies and gentlemen if you are not members of your local Assyrian Associations do not call yourself an Assyrian.
Join your local Assyrian organizations think globally and work locally. Lets build this nation from inside out. Do not expect the poor Assyrian back home will find their way through the Islamist and the Kurds to get us a homeland. Oh yes try to make an Assyrian
Happy by marring one

***I´ve seen several marred like that. Just marrying an Assyrian is no answer to anything...in fact we have some of the biggest grade A assholes for men in the world!

and try to increase our number by producing some Assyrian speaking Kids.

****I´m for that...FUCK ASSYRIAN!

God bless all of you! I love anything Assyrian!

***You would love Peter´s shit.

-- farid
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