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Posted by Sadie from ? ( on Thursday, June 26, 2003 at 2:19PM :

In Reply to: Re: well... posted by farid from ( on Thursday, June 26, 2003 at 1:31PM :

: If I want to look sexy or pretty, I'll wait until I am in the company of friends or dates that I want to impress in that way.

: ***Youīre assuming that my lady wanted to impress men "that way". That was why she was burned know damn well that you donīt have to DO a damn "sexy" thing to provoke THAT kind of a male. Heīs so fucking up tight about being Gay he reacts to ANYTHING. She merely wanted the same freedom I wear what I want when I want it with NEVER a though to what some other idiot is going to think.. No one said social change was an easy thing to have any idea what women went through just for the fucking VOTE?

xxx OK, so how often do YOU wear skimpy dresses to work? Hm??? It's nice that she wanted that "freedom," but really, wasn't she conditioned to think that the outfits she was wearing were pretty or what girls ought to wear in the first place? Furthermore, I'm not arguing that people should not wear what they want to their respective workplaces, but I'm not about to go nude to work or wear what the secretary down the hall wears because I don't want the attention or to have to waste my time fighting off the attention. That's just my opinion. It's fine if that girl wanted to make a statement at work, but that's not the statement that I care to worry about. I care more about making progress in the intellectual arena than in the apparel arena. Let other women fight that battle, if they want. It's just not a priority for me. I only advise my girlfriends to dress "respectably" at work if they ask me what they can do to avoid idiot comeons from the get-go. These girls don't even want to waste the time telling a guy not to bother. They just avoid it by dressing in a manner that says "I'm here to be respected." You didn't answer my questions below, anyway.

: Personally, I just like clothing that has a more elegant look to it. I don't like to look like a modern sexpot or a hippie sexpot. & besides, why is it that women in the States are taught to think that they MUST dress sexy? Isn't that a gender stereotype/cultural construct, anyway? Why do women have to scream "sex" through their clothes? Why aren't women taught to dress to look, say, *intelligent*? Why should I care about the latest trends in clothing being pushed at me by a misogynist magazine editor or male dominated society? Perhaps dressing "plain" is my response to the male chauvanists who would like to see me degrade myself by dressing like a prostitute?

: ***The only way to ultimately gain all those benefits you refer to is to take THE BATTLE TO HIM! Wear what you want...or nothing at all..and ask the asshole in a loud voice, "what is YOUR problem"?

xxx Like I said, that's not my battle. I'd rather battle over my research than what clothes I wear. Besides, I don't respect the assholes who are like that enough to do battle with them. Let them trip all over themselves for the gaudy chicks while I get ahead.

: ***You know how many times Iīve stopped myself from looking at a womanīs legs, or a MANīs...because even though I may be looking at a lousey pair...for artistic reasons of course...I think itīs an invasion of I DONīT. Let otyherīs practise the same restraint...they have to when it comes to snatching purses and stealing money thatīs hanging out of shirt pockets. Letīs be "Politically correct" ALL THE WAY.

xxx Why should I waste my life trying to train someone else who should have been brought up better? Later on, when I get ahead of him in my company or institution, I can squish him when he annoys me.

: *****I donīt know on what basis you "befirend" people...but the way you set him up..hardly seems like friend material. On the other hand...why do you have to pull your pun ches because nature made men idiots? Whom do you think has been civilizing men since the beginning? You gonna quit now, when your ancestors fought the really hard battles, just because it getīs a little hard for ums?

xxx Nature didn't make men idiots. & the guys I'm referring to are only a select portion of men at the work place. I realize there are some wonderful males at the workplace who are very supportive & caring of their female colleagues, just as their female colleagues are supportive & caring for those males. So, there are some guys at the workplace who can honestly be friends, but there are others one can avoid when one figures out that they only cause trouble. That's all I'm saying. I'd rather fight for respect on an intellectual level than anything else. That's what the fight for the vote & education was about - intellectual respect. The other fight - over clothing with sex-appeal - is one that is just a bit too superficial for me to care for. BUT, like I said, let someone else who cares about it fight for it. I'm content wearing a uniform if it keeps guys focused on my brains & not on my "birthing potential."

-- Sadie
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