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Posted by Jeff from ( on Saturday, June 28, 2003 at 8:27PM :

In Reply to: Re: for the women on the forum posted by Warrior Empress from ( on Saturday, June 28, 2003 at 11:13AM :


That was a beautifully concise tirade. If only more women realized what you just expressed.... wow. Very nice.


: Dear Sadie,

: As a working womyn I can understand the points you argue, but they seem a little defeatist to me. Womyn are forced to become woMEN and dress, act and speak like men in order for a little decency and respect. Not too much perfume now, nor too much make up or they may see your breast outline underneath your suit and realise you have a VAGINA!

: I am now researching in the middle east where alot of womyn wear 'hijab'. This is a Quranic term which has a number of practices but basically means a 'veil' or 'curtain' to seal off womyn from the gazes of men in the public eye.

: Womyn cover their hair and wear long, drab 'abayas' (massive and lose dresses with long sleeves) to cover their body shape and hair. Some womyn go as far as covering their faces in 'niqab' only revealing their eyes and sometimes not even at all. Gloves ofcourse are essential.

: Feet are covered and no make up SHOULD be worn (or you're just not wearing hijab correctly) and no perfume must be worn in public AT ALL lest a man smell your fragrance and become besotted by you.

: Again, just as in the west, womyns bodies become fetishised objects constantly under the surveillance of the male gaze. If you wear dress pants and jackets you are a dyke, if you wear skirts you are a slut and it was that low cut blouse that caused your rape gurrl! The real problem is that womyn are only considered sexualised creatures with two roles - saints or whores.

: The onus in many parts of the world is located on womyns bodies to deflect this gaze, instead of social education programs and REAL progress.

: Is the problem that a woman is too beautiful? Is her allure to sleazy men the problem? Or is the sleaze and lust the problem in the first place?

: If women wish to get ahead in the work place and in the global community at large social programs must be enforced where patriarchal structures of sexism are smashed and replaced by ideas that all humans are beautiful but not to be touched or harrassed.

: It doesnt matter what you wear to work, if you are bitchy or 'nice'. The fact is, you have a vagina gurrl, and that is what the glass ceiling is all about.

: Peace and shlameh,
: Majidi xoxox

: PS No I am not an accountant :)

: B.I.T.C.H = Being In Total Control of Herself


-- Jeff
-- signature .

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