Buying Politicians Cheap

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Posted by farid from ( on Monday, June 30, 2003 at 1:09PM :

Let's call them what they men and women or those who make it their business to protect and enrich Bidness the BIDDER the better.

The term "bidness" should cover a new type...the kind Bush and Enron espouse and this new kind of "war" represents..not the kind that makes a useful product and seeks to strengthen communities while supplying people's needs..but a new virulent kind whose product IS profit...any way you can squeeze, steal, manufacture, leverage and conjure it. It's all the rage now and they don't stop at murder either...and they'll wrap themselves in the flag and patriotism even as they rob us and gut the very definition of what being American is...they could give a shit...if the air is foul they'll live in gated communities...if it gets very bad, they'll go live in some other country.

It's funny...we pay the salaries of these politicians...but we don't pay their way INTO office. Once there...they dip their fingers further into our that we wind up paying through the nose, many times over...where we really get robbed is when we have no power to limit the amount of bribes as contributions they take...that we require of them if they're to mount a "successful" campaign.

If we bring up campaign finance reform or public financing of campaigns they scream about their rights to free speech and gathering all the money wherever they can...that this is somehow "Democracy" in action. Well...if they claim that a democracy can only exist when the people do NOT pay for the campaigns...but pay through the nose for everything else...let them get their salaries and then the "grants" they appropriate, those who bought them...from the same "democratic" source...let the corporations pay for it all...insteads of dodging their share of the taxes...and instead buying up politicians to go rob OUR Treasury.

And let's settle something finally...the Democratic Party is not "supine"...or "somehow" and "mysreriously" derelict in it's duty to provide an opposing voice and other choices...these two parties are ONE. It's good cop/bad cop...with BOTH cops drawing their salary from the same source...and that ain't, it ain't us.

-- farid
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