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Posted by Warrior Empress from ( on Wednesday, July 02, 2003 at 4:49AM :

In Reply to: Re: Jeff posted by Jeff from ( on Tuesday, July 01, 2003 at 5:11PM :

Leywa khzeeta by Warrior Empress

“She has not seen”

Itwa kha brata,
Libboh sipya,
Leeshanoh khilya,
Dimmoh atooraya.

“There (once) was a girl,
Pure of heart (or) With a pure heart,
Pretty of tongue (or) with a sweet way of speaking,
Assyrian of blood (or) of Assyrian blood.”

Qam saffaralah doonya kooloh,
Garoobeywa machkhawa,
Kha nisha,
Kha dana,
Kha reeza,
Kha malpana.

“She traveled the whole world,
Trying to find,
One aim/goal,
One time,
One order/method,
One teacher.”

Garoobeywa machkhawa atroh.
Eena dirra sqidta,
Oo shintanta.
Mpilla go kha khoolma amooqa

“She was trying to find her homeland
But she came back frustrated/ upset,
And sleepy,
She fell into a deep dream.”

Qam khazallah gannoh balashta,
Qam khazallah gannoh shapirta,
Qam khazallah gannoh nahirta,
Qam khazallah gannoh malikta.

“She saw herself as a warrior/ fighter,
She saw herself as beautiful,
She saw herself enlightened,
She saw herself an Empress/ Queen.”

...Eeten kha dookta,
Go rookhoh,
De litleh shimma.
Kha dookta de litleh,
Kha dookta mamreeyana o masqidannah.

“...There is a place,
In her spirit/soul,
That has no name,
A place that has/had no,
A place that is painful, and disturbing.”

Go aynatoh bit khazzat kha khissha,
Go eedatoh bit khazzat kha qalama,
Go leeshanoh bit shammat kha zmarta,
Makh kha soopra bikhayya go qapas it'dawa.

“In her eyes you will see a sorrow/ pain,
In her hands you will see a pen,
On her tongue you will hear a song,
Like a bird living in a cage.”

Dimmat aynatoh leyna akh Teemaneh makh dimmat paghroh.
Eena opp anni mpeelena.
Opp anni bnapli.

“The tears of her eyes are not as valuable as the blood of her body,
But even those have fallen,
And will continue to fall."

Oo weyla bisparra kha khabra,
Kha khadoota,
Qat yatta shimmoh moodeeleh,
Qat yatta baboh maneeleh,
Qat yatta atroh eekeyleh,
Min sabab leyla khzeeta.

“And she is awaiting a word/message/sign,
A joy/happiness,
So that she might know her name,
(So) that she might know (who) her father (is),
(So) that she might know where her homeland is
Because she has not seen (it).

...Told you that you were almost spot on Jeff. And seriously are you guys interested in my Syriac poems? They have no form and are all unedited...but if they are accepted I may post some more. No one has read them so you can be like my human guinea pigs and I would love to discuss them further with you and get some feedback.

And hey, I would love it if you posted the poems in syriac spelling sux also!

Shlameh o khoobah,

-- Warrior Empress
-- signature .

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