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Posted by Sadie from ? ( on Wednesday, July 02, 2003 at 2:28PM :

In Reply to: Re: favor to ask of you posted by Warrior Empress from host-65-199-130-239.link.com.eg ( on Wednesday, July 02, 2003 at 5:10AM :

: but I have been writing alot lately here in Cairo...

xxx Care to share?

: As for my interesting life...you have NO idea, but the struggles that come with life are the same for everyone, outcasts, traitors and all. Having a sense of adventure means you make alot of mistaks, but they are not valuable unless you learn from them. I plan to write my autobiography some day soon so maybe one day you will get to read it...

xxx Cool. : ) I agree with you about mistakes being valuable if one learns from them.

: Dark themes in music are enlightening ironically enough, and those who have seen darkness and who value and appreciate its intrinsic beauty are those who (in my opinion) can learn to value beauty in light-ness. This is not a new theory, actually it goes as far as Buddha and the Baghavad Gita and beyond. Khalil Gibran was brilliant in conceptualising these abstract philosophies in his work, both written and painted. You should visit his home in Lebanon it is a beautiful mueseum now.

xxx I agree with you about knowing pain, the beauty of sorrow, etc. & I'd love to see Gibran's home someday.... I used to imagine he was my long dead soul-mate in high school. I had such a crush on him.

: So you like Queensryche and Dream Theater? You sound like an old-school metal head to me! I personally am a recovering goth/ industrial genre freak but was once known to have my own heavy/ death metal radio show. Tool however would undoubtedly be my favourite mainstream band.

xxx Funny, because I used to co-host a radio show (3 years) in undergrad with my closest girlfriend. We played mainly Henry Rollins (she had a crush on him, & she ACTUALLY got to meet him recently - she made him laugh), Concrete Blonde, Lords of Acid, U2, various techno/industrial bands, Nick Cave, classic rock, some heavy metal, REM, various indie bands, Indigo Girls, various punk bands, various 80's songs, &, yes, the Muppets soundtracks. Basically, we went with our collective mood.

: My point is, don't let the lyrics bring you down, but uplift your spirit. It is difficult not to get caught up in the comfort of sadness and self-desruction, but these thoughts are usually perpetuated by the likes of Brittany Speares in my opinion.

xxx Well, it's not that Evanescence's lyrics are depressing in themselves.... She just sounds like a desperate woman - for attention or love - & that stuff makes me cringe. I've never had patience with that stereotype of a desperate woman. So, whenever I hear someone with some talent bashing herself directly or indirectly (by exhibiting low self-esteem when she has no reason to have low self-esteem, in my opinion), it makes me so depressed. Realizing pain & sorrow & the beauty that can come from those feelings is a different thing from whining & pitying oneself too much. Make sense? Just my thoughts....

-- Sadie
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