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Posted by farid from customer-148-233-78-77.uninet.net.mx ( on Thursday, July 03, 2003 at 1:00PM :

Assyrians are whimps. One of the ways we exhibit our whimpiness is by being secretive to the point of self-effacing, to the point of, "who me"?...to the point of "we died long ago".

We need to be much more "in your face". It isnīt necessary to mention your loverīs name and address specifics to discuss sex candidly...yet we view the one the same as the other because to discuss that kind of thing...or much of anything else, is considered way too revealing. Thatīs what we donīt want to do, reveal...strip...hang it all out there. Thatīs why weīll go out with a whimper...as we are. The world still doesnīt know we exist...except for those Troglodytes who are so "prowd" to have been stepped on for Christ since, THE BEGINNING!

There is power in self- exposure...in being comfortable being on view. In the case of yoors trooli, people who despise me have to admit at least that when I say I didnīt write something...I didnīt...because Iīve said every goddamn thing you shouldnīt say...why the hell would I hold back?

The JDL has no qualms showing up in force the minute someone says gefelte fish tastes like shit. Theyīll mount a picket line, throw up barricades, prepare Molotov Blinis and shout and carry on till you wish they WERE made of shit.

Not us. We wonīt utter a squeak...cause weīre too polite and well-bred...like considerate sheep who wouldnīt think of fighting the butcherīs knife.

Dear Empress...nothing is more personal than poetry...heartfelt. Letīs all get comfortable with this new medium. More good will come from it eventually than harm

-- farid
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