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Posted by Middle Finger from ( on Friday, July 04, 2003 at 5:36AM :

A local peace group will be singing this song at parade for the 4th.
I like it.


When King George was rudely reigning,
Declaration said: Begone!
Thomas Jefferson, you wrote it
And the others all signed on!
Let the government take notice:
Our consent is now withdrawn:
These are times to try our souls!

We declare our independence! (3x)
Stand in solidarity!

'Gainst the robber barons, bosses,
Their police and all their gold,
Mother Jones and Emma Goldman
And Joe Hill spoke out so bold:
"We can bring to birth a new world
From the ashes of the old!"
These are times to try our souls! (refrain)

Tell of Susan and Lucretia,
Tell of NOW and tell it true.
"All the men created equal,"
What are women going to do?
Equal votes and equal wages.
Equal me and equal you!
These are times to try our souls! (refrain)

When the colder wars were raging,
When the nukes were quite the scare,
All New York was told: Take shelter
For those Reds are ev'rywhere!
Dorothy Day sat in the park and
When arrested she'd declare:
These are times to try our souls! (refrain)

Martin, Rosa, Stokely, Jesse
Sent a declaration strong
From Chicago, Selma, Boston:
Racist laws and ways are wrong.
Black and white can come together,
Walk the talk and sing the song:
These are times to try our souls! (refrain)

Has King George come back to haunt us,
Bringing Rummy, Dick and John?
Do you miss your rights a little?
Pay your tax to Pentagon?
Do you fret while rich get richer?
Global warming here we come!
These are times to try our souls! (refrain)

George is smirking in his flight suit,
Telling mass destruction lies!
Who needs treaties and conventions
When you're Halliburton's guy?
Tell the Afghans and Iraqis,
"Nothing personal, good-bye!"
These are times to try our souls. (refrain)

Are you frightened of Al Qaeda?
Does Saddam still scare you so?
Is that Brooklyn Bridge too risky?
Killer bees might lay you low?
Fear instead what we've becoming,
Tell our rulers where to go!
These are times to try our souls!

Now the whole wide world is watching,
Cheering all who will declare
That we've got some truths we're holding
And some rights we won't forswear.
Better tell the Homeland people:
Red alert! We're ev'rywhere!
These are times to try our souls! (refrain)

c 2003 Gabe Huck
Anyone is free to use this.

-- Middle Finger
-- signature .

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