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Posted by Alexander from ( on Saturday, August 09, 2003 at 1:15AM :

In Reply to: Is My Idiotic Babble Transmissible? posted by StarDrifter from ( on Saturday, August 09, 2003 at 0:44AM :

I do not consider it to be idiotic babble at all. We all consider particular things at one time or another, it is only a natural process in the mind, and merely discussing it does not make it idiotic either. As for what you said regarding life, death, and strings...
I believe that life is fragile, in the sense that we die so easily, whether a rupture to our blood vessels or a heart attack occurs. We sometimes take life for granted, and do careless things with our life, instead of helping ourselves and other lives as well. I believe that(if I interpret what you were trying to convey in your article correctly) when you say we are hanging by a thread, you are in essence saying that our lives can change very quickly without our expecting it, and very dramatically at that, from such small incidents that can occur.
If this is what you are saying, then let me draw some conclusions from my own mind, and see if you can view things from my point of view...

Since we are born, we are in an everlasting struggle to live. We are raised, and taught to fend for ourselves, and we fight and even kill to try to stay alive. Whether we work in New York City as an accountant or as a guerrila warrior in Panama fighting Western-backed government aggressions, it all boils down to one thing, the goal of surviving, and helping to ensure your survival, and others' as well, by doing what is possible to meet those ends. In a sense, survival could be taken to be the "meaning of life." I personally don't believe in a soul, or that life is anything other than death in animation, since I do not consider life to be a thing that exists. As far as I am concerned, we are simply animated multi-parted particles, who mean nothing, and will impact nothing in our lives, compared to the scale of the universe and the expanse of time. That does not mean however, that we should not do what we can in our own lives, since we do not have to worry about whether we are "big" enough in the universe or not to "count" for anything, but merely we should try to make the best of things, since we are here anyway.
As for our lives being held by a thread that can be disconnected at any moment, I believe that we are in a sense held by such a thread, and that death is also held by this thread, in that it was no effort for us to be brought into life, and so just as easily as we came to being, we can easily be "disconnected."
As for Assyrians being more "threaded"...I am not so sure...however, Assyrians are in a sense more "endangered", but other than that, Assyrians(to the sad dissappointment of many who don't follow the views of the majority of Assyrians, regarding politics and society, and hope that maybe at some point in history Assyrians were not so "lowly" in the way they snivel and try to back aggressor nations) have always been the same, back thousands of years, till now, I have seen examples of how Assyrians are not any different, ever. They behaved the same way 2500 years ago, and do so now. It is only a pattern of life, and nothing more. All of us, we are all embedded in the quiltwork of the universe, whatever powers there may be. Basically, nothing we do or say really matters, or "counts." But what does that matter, who cares? Lets do what we can, to better ourselves and others, even if in the end no one notices or cares, because we have nothing else to do, unless we should play the part of decaying radioactive material- simply sit back and decay until death. Is it better to count for nothing and do nothing, or to at least not count for anything but do what you thought was right or necessary. That goes in line with some of what you mentioned at the last of your post, and as for your ideas, my last part of this post should answer to that.

: : Shlama Star Drifter, I was wondering if this was extracted from another article on Gulfwarvets or if it was your idea?
: : Only curious, and the reason I didnt click on the link is because I right-clicked on properties and it gave a url that I wish not to visit. So I am just curious.
: : Psheyna.

-- Alexander
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