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Posted by Jeff from ( on Saturday, August 09, 2003 at 1:54PM : I wish I was original. Here's more stuff that I didn't write. I don't necessarily agree with this...I'm just sharing.

-- --
-your a better person if you come from the bottom to the top
-never tell a lady you love her unless you mean it
-don't trust any body
-never punk yourself
-never break your word
-take out your enemies
-fear no-one
-don't stop fighting until he’s knocked the fuck out
-never give a bitch your heart { she’ll break it or play with it }
-never enter a situation that you don’t have most or complete control
-when you have beef with someone don’t talk just fight
-how you see yourself is how others see you
-power of the mind can make a giant cut his own throat
-show no mercy to the people who hate you, no matter how weak they are
-if any person tries to check you male/female, smack ’em in the face
-have respect for the elderly because they have been through everything you’re going through and more
-never get caught
-dont do crime with dumb assed niggaz
-never rat on anybody
-can only depend on people who depend on you
-never enter a dangerous situation with a negative thought
-if you start something-finish it-no matter what the situation
-can never depend on a quitter
-never hang with someone who wouldn’t fight or get beat up with you
-the bitch your with is a reflection of what kind of man you are
-money = power = happiness
-never hold someone else’s weight....weed, crack, smack, etc.
-if he’s to big to knock out pick up a bat
-never fuck a female w/o a rubber
-always be on the look out for the set-up.....{ it’s comin’ }
-never flash your cheddar, unless you’re carrying HEAT
-family is everything everybody else is just there
-never push up on another mans bitch
-a weed head is never paying you back
-fear is stronger than love

-Anonymous thinker

-- Jeff
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