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Posted by farid from ( on Sunday, August 10, 2003 at 1:02PM :

***This is an old post back when people assumed I must be a Christian too. They removed my more pungent and cogent replies...they all do that...and Sargon kept his up there...for three years an example of how "well-spoken" he is...they all do that. I`ll admit I don`t appear at my best fact, seldom. But warts and`s there.

***But...these guys are always on their guard to appear at their best...and look at them.

"Fred Parhad"

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Sargon "Fred Parhad"
Jan-19-2001 at 07:39 PM (GMT3)
A friend of mine forwarded this recent message of yours and I will accurately answer all of these issues for the last time, as the following events are the simple facts.


Written by PARHAD on 19 Jan 2001 22:06:34

Fred Parhad: When you asked me to send written documents and photographs I didn't hesitate.

Sargon: I took the initiative of making contact with you with a personal phone call during the Christmas holiday with a sincere gesture of helping you create a web presence on the Internet, you hesitated, and I gave you my word that development will be based on your recommendations, you felt confident thereafter and sent the material in two seperate packages. On this day, I also notified the development team at that I will be handling your gallery project exclusively, this was necessary as I gave you my word.

Fred Parhad: When you asked me to be patient I was.

Sargon: Obviously, we seem to differ on the meaning of patience. I specifically told you after the holidays to have patience as I was busy with funeral arrangements during Christmas day and that subsequent week.

Fred Parhad: When you slimed me I asked you to get me off your site.

Sargon: Your referring to this Assyrian Conferences (forums) system. There are guidelines to adhere to as is the case with all website forums on the Internet. If you choose to use profanity, your messages will be deleted. It's not personal, it's simply called guidelines.

Fred Parhad: You said the photographs finally arrived, after the first packet which you've had for some time now. When you asked me, I responded. You've ignored my requests even though I told you I would pay all costs. I see now you still have an empty page with my name on it. I can't believe it takes this long for you to send the materials back.

Sargon: I received the first package and called you confirming this. The second came the following week, don't ask me why it came so late as I'm not the United States Postal Service (By the way, the sticker on the 2nd package says "Returned for Postage", so perhaps that is the reason why it was late). And so, you continued by writing "you've ignored my request", while I've specifically said twice that they will be promptly returned. Today (January 19, 2001), you called and said you'd pay for the material to be returned. That's not necessary and I'll repeat this again, rest assured the material will be promptly returned to Mr. Fred Parhad. Also, the website your referring to ( has been scheduled for deletion, again this is a repeat from my earlier message. Fred Parhad: I'm beginning to think, as you are a public forum on the internet, that you feel free to put my photos on your site after all. Either that or you're just plain inconsiderate or incompetant, or all three.
Sargon: The one and only photo which is displayed here is a photograph taken of a sculpture by a resident (the general public) from California. The photograph is not from your packages. If we are to assume that this photograph must be deleted (as you've suggested, asked and dictated), then by your own standards, this fine arts document which was forwarded to the website should also be deleted.

I'll repeat my advice to you again... present your thoughts, ideas and beliefs in a non-abusive manner within the guidelines of the respective websites you visit or intend to visit in the future. You possess the talent as an artist within those remarkable hands to make significant contributions for our nation, it is a tragic shame to allow one sentence in your forum messages or conversations to overshadow your monuments, subsequently bringing your own demise.
(Ashurbanipal, shown at right, photo courtesy of Fred Aprim)

Fred Parhad: If you could just refrain from quaking for a minute while I tell you what I propose to do if you persist in ignoring my request: first of all a word to the wise is not a "threat", stop feeling threatened. A "threat", legally is the promise to use force and I would make no such promise. I don't like my photos in your hands. I will give away and throw away any number of things I own, but I resent them being kept from me by you especially.

Sargon: Refer to the explanation previously mentioned (see above).

Fred Parhad: Foundries are apprached by pornographers all the time to see if any scultpors are willing to make suggestive pieces for the porno trade. These are usually cast in pink plastic with flexible body parts which can be...well, you get the picture. I have several standard figures which I can adapt into any position and combination. The fee is $1000.00 and I'm going to donate the sum to an Iraqi Aid Agency in your and Pauls name. They always prefer that the figurines have names, it makes them more personal in the hot privacy of...well you get the picture. I'll name them after the both of you. In addition I'll do caricatures of you (ever see that part of my work??) to include in all the shows I have from now on. It's too late for the one in Monterey but there will be others. Your names and what I think of you will be clearly displayed.

Sargon: I notified the development team at weeks ago stating that I will be handling your gallery project exclusively, this was necessary as I gave you my word. The other person your referring to has been tending his mother's illness in the hospital and also the birth of his first child, simultaneously. There are only two people involved in this public fiasco, you and unfortunately me.

Fred Parhad: These are promises they are not threats. The others, people like Peter etc. are a joke. But you are smooth enough and just barely believeable enough that weak-minded people take you for the real thing. If I don't have the photos, all of them by next week, and if you haven't removed all refernces to me from your post and if you ever put my work on your site... I will make you the cutest pair of porno king dolls, named after you, that you could want. Go play with Christians, leave the Assyrian alone.


Sargon: Rest assured the material will be promptly returned to Fred Parhad. It's an important reminder to mention that while there are Atheist Assyrians such as yourself who I suspect have been isolated from civilization for long periods of time tending their unique ways as evidenced by your inability to have constructive dialogues, the vast majority of our people are Aramaic-speaking Christian Assyrians. Keep these in mind when your addressing people.

These are the simple facts. Consider this my last message on this issue as I've wasted a considerable amount of time.

-- farid
-- signature .

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